The Wife of Bath

In the pilgrimage to Canterbury there were twenty-nine pilgrim of who were to set froth to Canterbury to receive blessing. Out of those twenty-nine pilgrims, there were three women two of the women were the prioress and the Nun. The two women were escorted and protected by the priest. The third woman was the wife of baths. She was not escorted nor protected by man. One of the wife of bath’s reasons in going on this pilgrimage, beside getting the holy blessing, was the probability off finding a sixth husband.
In the wife of Bath’s prologue she argues with the pilgrims about the marriage and she use’s her experience in the matter of marriage over the motion of the tradition authority. Because she been married five times, she is more experienced about the marriage more than any other pilgrim.
In her prologue the wife of Bath’s talked about her five marriages, and how she gained sovereignty over all of her husband. She claimed by giving woman the power, marriage will be more better. On the other hand all of her husbands of whom she had power form eventually died. Although the wife of bath’s always speak of her mastery and her skill in gaining sovereignty over her husband. Her fifth husband, who she really loved, did not give in easily. He used to beat her and he also reads to her from the book that he wrote about how the woman are wicked and how they are easy to get.
In the wife of Bath’s tale about the knight and the old lady, she also concentrated that the wives should have complete sovereignty over their husbands. Just like her she gained sovereignty and mastery over all five of her husband.
The wife of Bath’s husband did not live in perfect bliss, for each one of them ended up dying. Her first three husbanded were rich and old they died while trying to satisfy her sexual lust. But she didn’t reveled any thing about how her fourth and fifth husband death. But by talking under consideration that all of her previous husband had died after trying the sovereignty of the marriage, it is fairly logical to believe that she had something to do with it. Even her fifth husband whom she loved dearly and lived happily together ended up dying.
The wife of Bath’s never confessed on how any of her husbands died. Although it is widely thought that the first three died during sexual intercourse, or in an attempt to satisfy her lust, but there is no evidence in her prologue that explains the death of her last tow husband. In conclusion the wife of Bath’s argues for sovereignty to be held in the power of the woman over the man, while all of her husbanded of whom she was sovereignty have to die.