Poem – When the Music Began 

The first strike hits the key, 

And the silence is gone, 

As the music begins.
And the notes seem to fly, 

Off the page, 

Swirling, dancing in the air
The emotions swirl.
The warmth and power

That rises from the sounds

Fills the room.
Leaves me in a trance, 

As the music comes

And the sensation rises.
And the music takes me, 

And I follow, 

With no second thought
The music I hear, I play, 

Takes it’s form

As I guide it
I lay in a vast meadow, 

The sun setting in front of me, 

And as night falls, I rest, 
I awake and find myself, 

Soaring through the sky, 

As if weight was a but a myth
And then I fall, 

Deep into the fiery depths, 

As I struggle to stay alive, 
Just as it is about to give in, 

And darkness surrounds me, 

A light.
And the light slowly brightens, 

As the music grows louder

And the emotions grow unbearable
And the light engulfs me, 

And just as the song ends.

I find myself back, where I began
And as the faint echoes

Of the dying music fade away, 

They leave a mark.
And that mark, 

I still feel to this day.

As the music touches me.
As it affects me in a way, 


And the emotions, 

And memories of the day.

The day the music began. 

Zander William Pearson