Lonely Dreams – Uriah Hamilton

I meditate achingly
Her delicate lips
Slowly sipping
Elegant imported wine.maxresdefault

In lonely dreams, 
I weep at night
Wishing my hands
Were upon her hips.

Lovely flowers
Blossom in the afternoon; 
But while I linger
Unable to see her, 
Nothing can make me happy. 

Christmas Presents – Uriah Hamilton

I try not to think about June
In December,
I try not to remember
People and places, beautiful faces
That have escaped my view.
Christmas presents
Given without love
Become landfill sadness;
And I feel, this year,
Every emotion
Is being discarded en masse.
You gave me a gift of tears,
That one I’m still holding onto.

Dark Girl – Uriah Hamilton

One day,
Dogs will laugh
In the streets,
And we’ll kiss wildly
Like lunatics
Escaping the asylum.

You’re a dark girl
So I’m painting
My roses black,

And I’ll murder the sun
If he ever turns his back.

I would rather
Enter the palace of your pain
Than continue to exist
In the prison cell of my loneliness.

Sad Girls – Uriah Hamilton

Human beings are fragile and need love
In this painful existence that begins with a slap
And often spirals downward into abuse
From the people who should desire to protect us.
Unkindness accumulates at school
And in the workplace,
You lose your original face
Of innocence and joy.

I’ve met sad girls I’ve wanted to kiss,
Rock them in my arms for eternity,
Remove the emotional scars of their history,
But I know, such scars never leave,
They’re deep razorblade-like cuts into the soul.

I haven’t learned yet
If I’m attracted to troubled and tragic girls,
Or if that is the only type of girl
I should expect.

poem – a girl will kiss me

Deserted by love
In the summertime,
I walk by the river
And speak to seagulls
And feed them my sandwich.

I used to worship the dawn,
But now, I awake alone
In a dreamless home.

I fantasize a departure
To an exotic place
Where I’ll have a new
And lovelier face.

A girl will kiss me
Who doesn’t intend
To make me cry.