English Poem – Life Is A Sailing Ship – Toshie Nohara

Life is a
Sailing ‘ship’
With lots of adventures
It needs a captain
To weather through life’s storms
A wrong decision for
A solution by the captain
Through panic
The ship surely sinks like
The Titanic!
But the captain with
Pure determination
Will steer the ‘ship’ to
Her destination
To greener pastures
New places,
Admire interesting faces

Life is running a big
Trying to meet one’s
Trying to prove one’s
Quality of
And overcoming any
Without loosing
By appreciating other’s
advice or
Avoiding secrets and
Whether one’s ship is
Big or small
Her master should
Stand tall
Without loosing
So having perseverance is
Evidence of facing
The world with
With tears or
Laughter in
One’s own ship to
When one is
The only master
Charting the
Course of life
Accepting the
Adventure with a
Smile for a bright

Life is a
Sailing ‘ship’
With lots of adventure
Life is patience,
Don’t be mad
Life is faith
So be glad
Life is endurance
That’s a fact
Life is love
Remember that
For God is Love
That’s true
Life is a
Journey we go
Life is believing and
Trusting in
God from above
Life is God’s
To be treasured with
Daily thanksgiving.

English Poem – At The Hair Dresser Saloon – Toshie Nohara

I walked into a room with new faces
I know they are people of different status
All ever eager to have their hair done
Though waiting for hours was no fun

I saw ladies of all shapes and size
Some dressed to kill with their disguise
Thank god, there was one patron who was nice and proper
I overheared that she appreciated her kind neighbour

On my left someone boasted about winning at Mahjong gambling!
And she gossiped about who was divorcing!
I noticed another vain woman at the corner chair
Undecided which style was suitable for her hair!

When finally the hair dresser came to me
I just simply requested a hair-cut and shampoo for me
He breathed a sigh of relief for I wasn’t fuzzy
Unlike the others; to cut and shampoo my hair was easy for him

I believe that beauty comes from the heart
And not how my hair should part
The hair dresser is earning an honest living
He needs to be praised for what he is doing.

English Poem – It’s Snowing – Toshie Nohara

Snow is falling
falling, falling, fallinnnnng
upon hills and mountains
on treetops
and parks
And down the window panes
of houses

Snow is everywhere
it’s snowing, snowing, snowinnnnng
snowny flakes so
gently falling
fluffy flakes
falling, falling, fallinnnnng
on umbrellas of people passing by

Children so excited
making, making, makinnnnng
Big snowman, small snowman

Snow is falling, falling
silently on earth
blanketing the fields
and gardens
on pine trees
so Christmasy
so White
a White Christmas
when snow
is falling, falling, fallinnnnng
in December.