The Painful Wail – Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Consumed with grief I am, I get relief in no way 

O circumambient waters of the Ganges drown me 
Our land foments excessive mutual enmity 

What unity! Our closeness harbors separation 
Enmity instead of sincerity is outrageous 

Enmity among the same barn’s grains is outrageous 
If the brotherly breeze has not entered in a garden 

No pleasure can be derived from songs in that garden 
Though I exceedingly love the real closeness 

I am upset by the mixing of waves and the shore 
The miraculous poet is like the grain from the barn 

The grain has no existence if there is no barn 
How can beauty unveil itself if no one is anxious for sight 

Lighting of the candle is meaningless if there is no assembly 
Why does the taste for speech not change to silence 

Why does this brilliance not appear out from my mirror 
Alas! My tongue poured its speech down 

When war’s fire had burnt the garden down