Funny Spell – Tess Gurney

Here we go, another spell,
tell me can you smell the smell?
bats feet rubarub, salt and gum
scrappings from an elephants bum!
This time i know I’ll win
when he drinks my spell for him
add a little eye of rat, sicky glue
stuff from underneath my shoe!
frogs legs, ant wings
bogies too, all these things i cast on you
Stir it stir it, dancing round
boiling caldron on the ground
make it bubble, rubble spit
add a fart that’ll do the trick
will he drink it?
hold his nose
please dont make me use the hose!
my bubbling coldron on the ground
dancing bare feet make no sound
my spell will work
this drink he takes
A carton from a wimpy shake
fill right up with spell of mine.
Mouse feet, chicken skin bacon ryn.
swallow it all, you will be mine.
wish this spell I did not make
Wish his heart was mine to take.