Why do people walk down a busy city street ignoring others and not talking? Why are they ignorant to the homeless asking for change just to survive? And why do cross walk signs become life savers? I can tell you what’s wrong with these people, music. Music works wonders for anyone and everyone. There is no way around music. It is everywhere and playing at all times. From people blasting music with twelve inch sub woofers in their car driving past on the street to the proud parents of a newborn playing Beethoven and Mozart as it lies in its crib, you cannot avoid music. Every since I was little I would listen to music. The first music I remember listening to is country. My grand pap and I would go fishing early in the morning and he would play country music for the two hour trip up to Ruminating Lake then two hours back on the way home. I will not lie; his music put me asleep fast. After finding how soothing something music was, I would wake up for school and eat my cereal as I watch MTV or VH1. The songs would stick in my head and I would sing them all day long. I also realized that I was more awake during school.
Now that I am older I still do that same routine. I wake up and listen to music and walk out the door with a smile on my face and a rhythm to sooth my mind. As I am typing this paper I am also . It has engulfed and made a huge impacted on my life at different periods. At times I would be down and out I will listen to soft music and take a drive on windy roads in the woods. When my friends and I go out we will listen to anything from The Temptations to the newest rap and pop songs. In high school I use to play baseball. Every bus ride to the opponent’s field, I would listen to loud rock music and rap music. After thirty minutes of music, my adrenaline would be rushing and yet I would be relaxed at the same time. I would take infield practice and think of beats and lyrics in my head as caught the baseball. The beats and lyrics were so automatic that catching and fielding the baseball would become automatic too.
Another great time and place for music is when you are with a girl. The perfect songs will make her night wonderful. The classic Barry White songs set the ideal mood for the evening. I even made burned CD’s for my friends for when they needed to sweep a girl off their feet. We called them the “Softie CD’s”. At the same time these soft songs can turn into hell. If the girl stood you up, you will be listening to Usher alone wishing you had your hard rock CD. I listen to music whenever I can. I cannot go one day without listening to some sort of rhythm, beat, or song. The effects that music has had on my life are unimaginable. I think it will be interesting how music shapes out in the rest of my life.