poem – she

When the night
creeps and intrudes.
When the day
retires to his cosy nest.
When the sun
recedes on the wall of
distant horizon.
When the alley
of concrete forest,
reverberates with echo of
calm and deadlock.
When the stars bloom,
up above the firmament.
When the entire world
is in a heavy slumber.
Then, she walks
into my dream,
with soundless steps,
and adorns my heart,
with flowery touch.

She – Alice Walker

She is the one 

who will notice 

that the first snapdragon 

of Spring 


in bloom; 
She is the one 

who will tell the most 



She is the one 

who will surprise you 

by knowing the difference 

between turnips 

and collard 

& between biscuits 

& scones. 
She is the one who knows where 

to take you 

for dancing 

or where the food 

& the restaurant’s 


are not 

to be 

She is the one 

who is saintly. 
She is the one 

who reserves the right 

to dress 

like a slut. 
She is the one 

who takes you shopping; 
She is the one 

who knows where 

the best clothes 

are bought 

She is the one 

who warms your 


with her fragrance; 
the one who brings 

music, magic & joy. 
She is the one 


the truth 

from her heart. 
She is the one at the bedside 

wedding, funerals 

or divorce 

of all the best people 

you dearly love. 
She is the one 

with courage. 
She is the one 

who speaks 

her bright mind; 
She is the one 

who encourages young & 


to do the same. 
She is the one 

on the picket line, at the barricade, 

at the prison, in jail; 
She is the one 

who is there. 
If they come for me 

& I am at her house 

I know 

she will hide me. 
If I tell her 

where I have hidden 

my heart 

she will keep 

my secret 

She is the one 


without hesitation 

comes to my aid & 

my defense. 
She is the one 

who believes 

my side of the story 

She is the one 

whose heart 

is open. 
She is the one who loves. 
She is the one who makes 


the most compelling 

because she is the one 

who is irresistable 

her own self. 
She is our sister, our teacher, our friend: 
Gloria Steinem. 
Born 75 years ago 


To your parents 

& still 


Happy Birthday, Beloved. 

The grand feast 

Of your noble Spirit 

Has been 

& is the cake 

that nourishes 

We thank you for your Beauty 

& your Being.