Rose – Zachary Zuccaro

Hello Rose, 
you mindless, 
who has been honored and praised 
through the entire history 
of human literature.

Are you really worthy
of all that flattery? 
Who would have thought
a flower whose stem 
is covered with thorns
would become the most commonly praised
flower in all of history? 

I am sorry dear Rose, 
but you do not compare
to the orchid, the violet, the marigold, 
the geranium or rhododendron.

You are selfish and arrogant
believing you are the best.
Even the dandelion has its charm, 
what makes you better than the rest? 

Yet who am I
to contest the greatest poets who have ever lived? 
Who am I to protest your overuse and abuse? 
You who have become cliche.

I protest. 

Poem – Rose Petals 

The darkness is drifting slowly away
and made her alarmed in sleep

and dismay.

Dreams that made her charms

more radiant, 

But now melted it as mist at day.
It’s a miserable poignancy 

That reflects a lover`s tendency

And can only be rejoiced

If it blessed as a beloved choice.
Ah! How hypnotic was that scene

That amused my heart serene, 

When her dazzling smile

Caused a dimple sweet for a while.
Let my heart be bloomed

in your love, 

With those bosom peaks and rosy cheeks; 

to hold them close

As petals of rose.