Poem – River – Yuyutsu Sharma

Between your marble 

shoulders and my hairy chest 
the river roaring, 

tears, tears, tears… 
Between your mellowing 

mouth and my scented tongue 
a night of flames 

and flesh, flesh, flesh … 
Between your hefty thighs 

and my throbbing hands 
clouds drunk 

from the forests of rhododendrons. 
Between your almond eyes 

and my warm mouth 
rain dropping like pearls 

on the plump leaves of the jungle. 
Between your shimmering skin 

and my dark hair grass greener 
than the greenest parakeet 

growing yellowish from incessant rain. 
Between your nights by 

the impotent pillow of your husband 
and my crazed headpiece 

a poem of spring that shall fill my deep wounds, 
sprouting flowers, flowers, flowers … 
Between your tulips 

and my fragrant pen 
a brain-fever bird’s 

crazed cry, mad, mad, mad… 
Between the sparkle 

of your teeth and my sleep 
a rain coming 

like roar of a starving steam 
in the starless 

summer gloom of the night. 
Between your melon breasts 

and thirst of my soft lips 
the rage of the river 

battering its head against the magic mountains. 
Between your decisions 

and my flickering lamps 
the river mad 

you, you poet, you bastard, go away!