Poems – A Humble Advice – Rekha Mandagere

Look at the glowing golden Sun
Brightens up the world with radiant beam
Never stops his shine even for fun
Ever stands as a leader of the team
Feeling the radiance of his lovely hues
My heart is filled with greater joys
The light rays said in lovely voice
Roads to reach the goals are hard
Never think from it a yard
Life is not a funny game
Every moment is challenge to tame
Wisely choose the future road
Expand your horizon much more broad
But you are my only lovely son
Born to reach the height of the sun
Patience is the key to win
Tolerance will take you far from sin
Always keep the spirits up
Success would surely round you up!

Poems – Honour my feelings – Rekha Mandagere

I really become dumb
Sometimes when I feel
The beam that I follow
Has no boundary
To measure the gravity of
Honest feelings and thoughts
Which are as fresh as dews
That are specially woven
By the delicate threads of even
Enchanting nature’s new shades
Out rightly banned from lifeless
Artificial, false, pale touches
But much closer to the levels
Divine and eclectic
But this thing of beauty
Which sometimes acts naughty
But I earnestly plead
For you to know me well
And feel the nicety beyond words
Which are often touching and real
Never goes once mechanical!