Pain did not Become Grateful to Medicine – Mirza Ghalib

Pain did not become grateful to medicine

I didn’t get well; [but it] wasn’t bad either
Why are you gathering the Rivals? 

[It was just] a mere spectacle [that] took place, no complaint was made

Where would we go to test our fate/ destiny? 

When you yourself did not put your dagger to test 

How sweet are your lips, that the rival

[after] receiving abuse, did not lack pleasure

Recent/ hot news is that she is coming

Only today, in the house there was not a straw mat! 

Does the divinity belonged to Namrood’? 

[cause] in your servitude, my wellbeing did not happen
[God] gave life- the given [life] was His alone 

The truth is; that the responsibility was not fulfilled [by us]
If the wound was pressed, the blood did not stop 

[though] the task was halted, [but the bleeding still] set out
Is it highway robbery, or is it heart-theft? 

Having taken the heart, the heart-thief set out [to depart]

Recite something, for people are saying

Today “Ghalib” was not a ghazal-reciter