On The New Year – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

FATE now allows us, 
‘Twixt the departing 
And the upstarting, 

Happy to be; 

And at the call of 
Memory cherish’d, 
Future and perish’d 

Moments we see. 
Seasons of anguish,– 
Ah, they must ever 
Truth from woe sever, 

Love and joy part; 

Days still more worthy 
Soon will unite us, 
Fairer songs light us, 

Strength’ning the heart. 
We, thus united, 
Think of, with gladness, 
Rapture and sadness, 

Sorrow now flies. 

Oh, how mysterious 
Fortune’s direction! 
Old the connection, 
New-born the prize! 
Thank, for this, Fortune, 
Wavering blindly! 
Thank all that kindly 

Fate may bestow! 

Revel in change’s 
Impulses clearer, 
Love far sincerer, 

More heartfelt glow! 
Over the old one, 
Wrinkles collected, 
Sad and dejected, 

Others may view; 

But, on us gently 
Shineth a true one, 
And to the new one 

We, too, are new. 
As a fond couple 
‘Midst the dance veering, 
First disappearing, 

Then reappear, 

So let affection 
Guide thro’ life’s mazy 
Pathways so hazy 

Into the year!