New Love, New Life  – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

HEART! my heart! what means this feeling? 
What oppresseth thee so sore? 

What strange life is o’er me stealing! 
I acknowledge thee no more. 

Fled is all that gave thee gladness, 

Fled the cause of all thy sadness, 
Fled thy peace, thine industry- 
Ah, why suffer it to be? 
Say, do beauty’s graces youthful, 
Does this form so fair and bright, 

Does this gaze, so kind, so truthful, 
Chain thee with unceasing might? 

Would I tear me from her boldly, 

Courage take, and fly her coldly, 
Back to her. I’m forthwith led 
By the path I seek to tread. 

By a thread I ne’er can sever, 
For ’tis ‘twined with magic skill, 

Doth the cruel maid for ever 
Hold me fast against my will. 

While those magic chains confine me, 

To her will I must resign me. 
Ah, the change in truth is great! 
Love! kind love! release me straight!

New Love, New Life – Amy Levy 

She, who so long has lain 
Stone-stiff with folded wings, 

Within my heart again 

The brown bird wakes and sings. 
Brown nightingale, whose strain 

Is heard by day, by night, 

She sings of joy and pain, 

Of sorrow and delight. 
‘Tis true,–in other days 

Have I unbarred the door; 

He knows the walks and ways– 

Love has been here before. 
Love blest and love accurst 

Was here in days long past; 

This time is not the first, 

But this time is the last.