Ye Naulo Manchhe – Shrawan Mukarung

ए नौलो मान्छे सुन यो सहरमा तिमी एक्लो छैनौ
बाटो हराएका
माटो गुमाएका
यो ठूलो संसारमा तिमी एक होइनौ

कति छन् यहाँ आफ्नो नाम खोज्दा बेनाम भएका
कति छन् यहाँ अनुहार खोज्दा पग्ली झरेका
ए नौलो मान्छे…

यहाँ छन् हजारौँ दुःखले गलेका मानिसका आँखा
यहीँ छन् हजारौँ मान्छे अटाउने देवताको काख
ए नौलो मान्छे…

तिमीले टेकेको गोलो यो पृथिवी तिम्रो पनि हो
यो धर्ती, यो आकाश अहँ हुँदैहोइन बिर्ता

The Elephant – Gautam Buddha

Silently shall I endure abuse as the elephant in battle endures
the arrow sent from the bow: for the world is ill-natured.
They lead a tamed elephant to battle, the king mounts a tamed
elephant; the tamed is the best among men, he who silently endures abuse.

Mules are good, if tamed, and noble Sindhu horses, and elephants
with large tusks; but he who tames himself is better still.

For with these animals does no man reach the untrodden country
(Nirvana), where a tamed man goes on a tamed animal, viz. on his own well-tamed self.

The elephant called Dhanapalaka, his temples running with sap,
and difficult to hold, does not eat a morsel when bound; the elephant
longs for the elephant grove.

If a man becomes fat and a great eater, if he is sleepy and rolls
himself about, that fool, like a hog fed on wash, is born again and again.

This mind of mine went formerly wandering about as it liked, as
it listed, as it pleased; but I shall now hold it in thoroughly, as
the rider who holds the hook holds in the furious elephant.

Be not thoughtless, watch your thoughts! Draw yourself out of
the evil way, like an elephant sunk in mud.

If a man find a prudent companion who walks with him, is wise,
and lives soberly, he may walk with him, overcoming all dangers,
happy, but considerate.

If a man find no prudent companion who walks with him, is wise,
and lives soberly, let him walk alone, like a king who has left his
conquered country behind,-like an elephant in the forest.

It is better to live alone, there is no companionship with a
fool; let a man walk alone, let him commit no sin, with few wishes,
like an elephant in the forest.

If an occasion arises, friends are pleasant; enjoyment is
pleasant, whatever be the cause; a good work is pleasant in the hour
of death; the giving up of all grief is pleasant.

Pleasant in the world is the state of a mother, pleasant the
state of a father, pleasant the state of a Samana, pleasant the state of a Brahmana.

Pleasant is virtue lasting to old age, pleasant is a faith firmly
rooted; pleasant is attainment of intelligence, pleasant is avoiding of sins

The Saint – Gautam Buddha

There is no suffering for the one
who has completed the journey,
who is freed from sorrow,
who has freed oneself on all sides,
who has thrown off all chains.

The thoughtful exert themselves;
they do not delight in a home;
like swans who have left their lake,
they leave their house and home.

Those who have no accumulations, who eat properly,
who have perceived release and unconditioned freedom,
their path is difficult to understand,
like that of birds in the sky.

Those whose passions are stilled,
who are indifferent to pleasure,
who have perceived release and unconditioned freedom,
their path is difficult to understand,
like that of birds in the sky.

Even the gods admire one whose senses are controlled,
like horses well tamed by the driver,
who is free from pride and free from appetites.
Such a dutiful one who is tolerant like the earth,
who is firm like a pillar,
who is like a lake without mud:
no new births are in store for this one.

One’s thought is calm;
calm is one’s word and one’s action
when one has obtained freedom by true knowledge
and become peaceful.
The one who is free from gullibility,
who knows the uncreated, who has severed all ties,
removed all temptations, renounced all desires,
is the greatest of people.

In a village or in a forest, in a valley or on the hills,
wherever saints live, that is a place of joy.
Forests are delightful; where others find no joy,
there the desireless will find joy,
for they do not seek the pleasures of the senses.

The Awakened – Gautam Buddha

The one whose conquest cannot be conquered again,
into whose conquest no one in this world enters,
by what track can you lead that one,
the awakened, the omniscient, the trackless?

The one whom no desire
with its snares and poisons can lead astray,
by what track can you lead that one,
the awakened, the omniscient, the trackless?

Even the gods emulate those who are awakened and aware,
who are given to meditation, who are wise,
and who find joy in the peace of renunciation.

It is difficult to be born as a human being;
difficult is the life of mortals;
difficult is the hearing of the true path;
difficult is the awakening of enlightenment.

Not to do wrong, to do good, and to purify one’s mind,
that is the teaching of the awakened ones.
The awakened call patience the highest sacrifice;
the awakened declare nirvana the highest good.

The one who strikes others is not a hermit;
one is not an ascetic who insults others.
Not to blame, not to strike,
to live restrained under the law,
to be moderate in eating, to live alone,
and to practice the highest consciousness–
this is the teaching of the awakened ones.

There is no satisfying lusts,
even by a shower of gold pieces.
Whoever knows that lusts have a short taste
and cause pain is wise.
Even in heavenly pleasures one finds no satisfaction;
the disciple who is fully awakened
finds joy only in the destruction of all desires.

People driven by fear go for refuge
to mountains and forests, to sacred groves and shrines.
That is not a safe refuge; that is not the best refuge.
After having got to that refuge,
a person is not delivered from all pains.

Whoever takes refuge with the awakened one,
the truth, and the community,
who with clear understanding perceives the four noble truths:
namely suffering, the origin of suffering,
the cessation of suffering, and the eightfold holy way
that leads to the cessation of suffering,
that is the safe refuge; that is the best refuge;
having gone to that refuge,
a person is delivered from all pains.

A person of true vision is not easy to find;
they are not born everywhere.
Wherever such a sage is born, the people there prosper.
Blessed is the arising of the awakened;
blessed is the teaching of the truth;
blessed is the harmony of the community;
blessed is the devotion of those who live in peace.

Whoever gives reverence to those worthy of reverence,
whether the awakened or their disciples,
those who have overcome the army
and crossed the river of sorrow,
whoever gives reverence to such as have found deliverance
and are free of fear,
their merit cannot be measured by anyone.

The Downward Course – Gautam Buddha

Gautam Buddha

Gautam Buddha 563 BCE – 480 BC


He who says what is not, goes to hell; he also who, having done a thing, says I have not done it. After death both are equal, they are
men with evil deeds in the next world.

Many men whose shoulders are covered with the yellow gown are ill-conditioned and unrestrained; such evil-doers by their evil deeds go to hell.

Better it would be to swallow a heated iron ball, like flaring fire, than that a bad unrestrained fellow should live on the charity of the land.

Four things does a wreckless man gain who covets his neighbour’s wife,-a bad reputation, an uncomfortable bed, thirdly, punishment, and lastly, hell.

There is bad reputation, and the evil way (to hell), there is the short pleasure of the frightened in the arms of the frightened, and the king imposes heavy punishment; therefore let no man think of his neighbour’s wife.

As a grass-blade, if badly grasped, cuts the arm, badly-practised asceticism leads to hell.

An act carelessly performed, a broken vow, and hesitating obedience to discipline, all this brings no great reward.

If anything is to be done, let a man do it, let him attack it vigorously! A careless pilgrim only scatters the dust of his passions
more widely.

An evil deed is better left undone, for a man repents of it afterwards; a good deed is better done, for having done it, one does not repent.

Like a well-guarded frontier fort, with defences within and without, so let a man guard himself. Not a moment should escape, for they who allow the right moment to pass, suffer pain when they are in hell.

They who are ashamed of what they ought not to be ashamed of, and are not ashamed of what they ought to be ashamed of, such men,
embracing false doctrines enter the evil path.

They who fear when they ought not to fear, and fear not when they ought to fear, such men, embracing false doctrines, enter the evil

They who forbid when there is nothing to be forbidden, and forbid not when there is something to be forbidden, such men, embracing false doctrines, enter the evil path.

They who know what is forbidden as forbidden, and what is not forbidden as not forbidden, such men, embracing the true doctrine,
enter the good path.

kavita – jaado

एक्लै छु म
र दिल्लीको सडकमा गर्मी पस्दैन
म बसेको
पाँचतारे होटेलको
दुई सय चौध नम्बरको कोठामा ।
झुग्गीका मानिसहरुको
जाँड खाने भट्टी होईन
एक्लो छु
टेलिभिजनको पर्दा
पङ्खा, एअरकुलर
रक्सीका बोलत
हट डग र ह्याम्बर्गर
सबैसँग आनन्द गर्न सक्छु,
लबी म्यानेजर सुन्दरीका आँखामा
अल्झन सक्छु
खै मेरा ओछयानका उपियाँहरु ?
खै मेरो गर्मी ?
खै मेरो जाडो ?
र र्खै उदास आँखा लगाएर
हिजोदेखि भोकै बसेको मेरो भाइ ?
खै मेरा प्रिय मित्रहरु
जससँग हल्लँदा पनि
अनुभव हुन्छ —म बाँचेको छु ।
बाँचेको छु
तिनै हल्ला र काठमाडौका गल्लीहरुमा
बसेको छु एक्लंै तपस्यारत बुद्धझै
समाधि कसेर दिल्लीको पाँचतारे होटेलमा
र सोच्दैछु
किस्ने छेत्रीले किन माग्यो
मेरो भिजिटिङ कार्ड ?
बाथ टवमा नुहाउँछु
र मलाई सम्झना हुन्छ भक्केमुलाको
लिफ्बाट घरी उक्लेको छु
घरी ओर्लेको छु
र मलाई सम्झना हुन्छ
मेरो घरको लिस्नुको
जसबाट कति पटक पछारिएको छु भुइँमा
बोलेको छु अङ्गेजीमा सिगार च्यापेका ओठले
मलाई कलकत्ते तमाखु राखेर
माइली मैयाँले दिएको
बुट्टेदार सुल्पाको सम्झना हुन्छ ।
बाहिर मानिसहरु मर्दै छन्
तातो हावाको लहरले
र भित्र जाडो छ ।

kavita – antim yuddha

चमेराहरू झुन्डिइराखुन् रूखका हाँगाहरूमा
आकाशलाई पाताल र पाताललाई आकाश बनाइरहुन्
ढोईलाई लगाएर अघि–अघि
अभयारण्यमा लम्किरहोस् मत्त हात्ती
बघिनीहरू घुमफिर गरून् आफ्नो प्रिय जङ्गलमा
र स्नेह गरून् आ–आफ्ना डमरुलाई
हिउँदको चिसोमा
माटाको न्यानो गर्भमा
गुप्त बास बसुन्
या घाम ताप्न निस्कुन् सर्पहरू
स्यालहरू कुदून् बेतोडले
म्याराथुन धावकझैँे
पण्डितहरू मन्दिर जाऊन् या पादरीहरू चर्चतिर
प्रार्थना गरून् वा वर मागुन् आ–आफ्नो ईश्वरसँग
मलाई आपत्ति छैन शासकहरू हो !
यो संसार सबैको हो ।
तर राति झ्यालबाट पसेर चोरझैँ
मेरा जुँगा चाट्न हुन्न चमेराहरूले
मन्त्रीको आदेशमा डाँकाले झैँ
सुकुम्बासी गाउँ नउजाडुन् हात्तीहरूले
खोरका घारहरू फुकालेर
सुत्केरी बाख्राको कल्चौँडो खान हुन्न बघिनीहरूले
सानो दुधे शिशुलाई आँगनमा सुताएर
काममा गएकी छ उसकी आमा
फर्केपछि देख्नु नपरोस्
आफ्नो प्रिय शिशुको छातीमा
सर्पदंशका डोबहरू
कुनै किसानले पालेको कुखुरा
सुटुक्क चोरेर
खोल्सामा लगेर आफ्नो भोक तृप्त गर्न पाइँदैन स्यालहरूले
पण्डितहरू पनि बुझून्—मानिसको बलि दिनु हुन्न
पादरी वा मौलवीहरू पनि बुझून्—
अर्काको आयु ताछेर
आफ्नो आयुमा थप्न पाइन्न
यो संसार सबैको हो ।
संसार सबैको हो भने
मेरो पनि हो संसार
तर मेरो भाग खोसेर कसैले खायो भने
म तयार छु अन्तिम युद्घ गर्न
अन्तिम युद्घ अर्थात निर्णायक युद्घ
जसले फैसला गर्नेछ हारजितको
ए जङ्गल शासक र शिकारी शासकहरू हो !
मेरो सबैभन्दा तीखो हतियार
नैतिकता हो ।