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Uncle Jim – Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis

‘I got no time fer wasters, lad,’ sez ‘e,  ‘Give me a man wiv grit,’ sez Uncle Jim.  ‘E bores ‘is cute ole eyes right into me,  While I stares ‘ard an’ gives it back to ‘im.  Then orl at … Continue reading

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Geography Lesson – Brian Patten

Our teacher told us one day he would leave  And sail across a warm blue sea  To places he had only known from maps,  And all his life had longed to be.  The house he lived in was narrow and … Continue reading

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The Shepherd – Banjo Paterson 

He wore an old blue shirt the night that first we met,  An old and tattered cabbage-tree concealed his locks of jet;  His footsteps had a languor, his voice a husky tone;  Both man and dog were spent with toil … Continue reading

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A Road To A Short War – HEG George

A white hot finger points your way,  pushing air aside with each advancing message.  The renting of air with thunder clap abroad  makes too much noise, chattering like rattling lungs  Whispers to an unacknowledged Lord  bringing forward promised prayers.  The … Continue reading

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May Not Be – Happy Hannah

When can I be your necessity?  May not be today,  May not be tomorrow  May not be the day till I die.  I’ve known you for so long,  Loved you for ages.  But you still can’t read my longing eyes.

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Sonnet – Amy Levy 

Most wonderful and strange it seems, that I  Who but a little time ago was tost  High on the waves of passion and of pain,  With aching heat and wildly throbbing brain,  Who peered into the darkness, deeming vain  All … Continue reading

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Of Three Or Four In The Room – Yehuda Amichai

Out of three or four in the room  One is always standing at the window.  Forced to see the injustice amongst the thorns,  The fires on the hills.  And people who left whole  Are brought home in the evening, like … Continue reading

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