At Night – Yone Noguchi 

At night the Universe grows lean, sober-
faced, of intoxication,

The shadow of the half-sphere curtains

down closely against my world, like a 

doorless cage, and the stillness chained by

wrinkled darkness strains throughout the Uni-

verse to be free. 

Listen, frogs in the pond, (the world is a pond itself)

cry out for the light, for the truth!

The curtains rattle ghostlily along, bloodily biting

my soul, the winds knocking on my cabin door

with their shadowy hands. 

Chewing Gum – Hiroshi Satow 

smelling like a crazy rose, 
are you chewing a gum, 

or are you a chewing gum? 

once you kiss me, 

you’re too sticky, 

don’t ever let me; 

while you hug me, 

you’re so velvety, 

and so slippery, 

yet so sticky, 

like you chewing a gum, 

or you a chewing gum.