money matters – indira renganathan

Professed striving, thriving in kitchen life
Woman of yesterday was a home maid
Call her not a homemaker or housewife
A home maid unpaid and future benighted
Illiterate slave literate in home science
Deprived of finance for days ahead
Suppressed in fearful negligence
Dear and near, not to be truly so supposed
Necessity out of such a pity
Woman of olden time
Saved in her kitty
Annas, paise to chime.
Unreally smiling out of disguised injustice
Done to her by a domestic law
To herself collected coins, fortune to splice
Woman of moral law

Begotten parental assets begotten
Life raised husband and his folks
Counting her collection the woman forlorn
From mercy somebody the beseeched alms
Her pouch of coins didn’t change
Unchanged the least quantum amount too
No depositing, no investing to challange
No interest, no dividend to woo
Passed on from husband to son
Hopes on despair built
Survival of a grand-ma’s funeral now to shun.
Stealthily on money matters spoken about.
On her couch of death
Ready to depart her pouch.
Struggling through her last breath
Her savings presented to her funeral march

laughter – indira renganathan

Then the Lord smiles
Flowers florescence
Tickled heart shines
In twinkling eyes
Befriending laughing tears..
Laughter is heavenly

Savvy happy, for it links
Body, mind, soul so intense
Beatitude for it enchains
Being to being contagious
Harmony for it thereon begets
Laughter is heavenly..

Hell with laughing devils
Their laughter of cacophonic peals
Laughs to laugh at tears
Not so, not so with heavenwards
Imbibed of seventh heaven redolence
Laughter is heavenly