How Sad – Barry Van Allen

Away from me she runs,
and after her I go,
as reminders of the past are found again.

Sometimes it’s worth the walk,
to stroll down memory lane,
but mostly, it is just not worth the pain.

The loves my life has known are not forgotten,
‘nor are the lessons taught to me by those once dear,
I have never known a love that’s just gone rotten,
but, I’ve had many loves just die from simple fear.

So, who’s afraid today?
is it you or is it me?
or… is it both of us,
and both refuse to see?

Within the recent past we’ve known the laughter,
and now you know a slice of me that even I don’t,
and yes, we ask ourselves ‘ Is this what we were after? ‘,
and in the asking, have we doomed the love we’ve known?

It does not grow, so then we know it must be bad,
we have misplaced the love that once we truly had,
in a way we are together going mad,
… Oh! , Dear – – – How sad!