Height In Depth – Dante Gabriel Rossetti

HE turned his face apart, and gave a sigh 

And a strange whimper—such a pitiful thing 

As haunts the heart for days. “Yes, Love can bring 

Unto a pass so low that it seems high: 

And, when we see a brave and strong man cry 

With a poor infant’s feeble sorrowing, 

It is a nobler passion than to wing 

Shafts of small angers and small prides,” thought I. 

There is a love so deaf that it can hear 

Not even its own voice which bids it seek 

A name for its own meanness: it would find 

The outlet else. But thus it is a sheer 

Humility—an earnestness so meek 

That your knees bow and sharp tears make you blind.