May Not Be – Happy Hannah

When can I be your necessity? 
May not be today, 
May not be tomorrow 
May not be the day till I die. 
I’ve known you for so long, 
Loved you for ages. 
But you still can’t read my longing eyes.

The Mother – Happy Hannah

When life is harder than she thinks, 
she becomes stronger than she used to be. 
She struggles to survive all her life, 
dealing with obstacles as best she could. 

Not only for one life she owns 
but also for her own child’s. 
Everyone has own life to live as in own way. 
But the mother has own life to live 
as in her child way. 

Seven times she falls down 
Eight times she gets up. 
It is because she thinks of her child 
as her driving force even when 
the situation is tough to held her head up. 

As remain as the gravity law 
The mother’s love will stay last.