Gross In Pop Culture – Christopher’s Dead

Help yourself to the sun
There’s a bite taken out of it already
The only thing that you’ll become
Serenades to my porch while burning a cross in my backyard
Mother Nature is a cruel cruel soul
Even when your best friend is a tree
The less you hear, well, the better off you are
‘Cause from nine-to-five you’re just part of the machine

And this is the lifetime
You woke up in it just yesterday
And you just want to walk along
Side of a boxed-up mannequin in a chain store
Blending colors in conformity
Does nothing but make a mess for someone else to clean
But if you believe in the other side
You will make it past the dirty grip of society

So do your own thing, and be just who you are
And don’t let anyone tell you that it’s wrong
‘Cause when you’re doing the right thing and doing it your own way
You just might flourish in this land that you can see