Global Culture – Edward Kofi Louis

A global culture is closing up on us,
But with lustful minds to kill mankind;
Yet still, they take up the Bible to calm us down.
When it is not a coup, it is war! !
And like what is now going on in Libya;
But with lustful minds to kill mankind!
Of a global culture,
But little things do mean a lot when you know the value;
And check out the life styles around you today,
For it si a mixture of righteous and evil!
The oil reserves are being bombed today in Libya,
And the dark mushroom clouds bring sadness on our faces;
But how many dead bodies are already recorded?
Of human beings and human identities,
But the global culture is what we know;
With global villages in the state ot our minds,
But quote it from the Torah and compare it with the modernizations around you.
Oh mankind! ! What have we done to ourselves on this earth?
Where is the missing link and, why the hatred? ! !
But the positive ones are never heard in times like this;
With the magnitudes of the negative one crowning the day!
But let us sit down and talk about it.