Global Culture – Edward Kofi Louis

A global culture is closing up on us,
But with lustful minds to kill mankind;
Yet still, they take up the Bible to calm us down.
When it is not a coup, it is war! !
And like what is now going on in Libya;
But with lustful minds to kill mankind!
Of a global culture,
But little things do mean a lot when you know the value;
And check out the life styles around you today,
For it si a mixture of righteous and evil!
The oil reserves are being bombed today in Libya,
And the dark mushroom clouds bring sadness on our faces;
But how many dead bodies are already recorded?
Of human beings and human identities,
But the global culture is what we know;
With global villages in the state ot our minds,
But quote it from the Torah and compare it with the modernizations around you.
Oh mankind! ! What have we done to ourselves on this earth?
Where is the missing link and, why the hatred? ! !
But the positive ones are never heard in times like this;
With the magnitudes of the negative one crowning the day!
But let us sit down and talk about it.

Culture And Custom – Edward Kofi Louis

The culture and the style of the people over here are very different;
And, the society is not much open to all,
With full of doculments needed here and there to proceed on a matter.

Here on earth with a different society around me;
All in the name of culture and custom,
However, the foreigners among them are really suffering!
All in the name of intergration.

In the land of papers;
With headaches and depression,
Of talents and time being wasted due to the number of years taken to understand a language.

Art And Culture – Edward Kofi Louis

Art and culture,
Going my own way;
With my imagination,
With my style,
With my innovation,
With my works,
With my words,
With my mind,
Respecting my culture!
And, touching the world with my muse.
Art and culture!
The mus eof life;
With the ways of nature,
Resting on mankind,
In every land.
My imgination!
My nation;
The place of my birth,
With my works to the world.