Curiosity – Rohit Singh

Does height, ever madeBirds scared? ? 
Do fishes get scared of water, sometimes? ? 
Do droplets not think about, 

Getting vaporized in sun? ? 
What does water do, 

When it gets thirsty? ? 
How does the shadow of light look like? ? 
How does silence, 

Sounds like? ? 
Why does silence scream so loud? 
Why do trees not run, 

When there is a fire in the jungle? ? 
When will the sun come, 

To collect his debt? ? 
Why does moon borrow light from, 

The sun to light up, our nights? ? 
How can rivers be so determined, 

To fulfill their destiny? ? 
Mountains, do they even know, 

How many people, live off them? ? 
When will wind be tired? ? 
Why does light waste its time

By going to a blind man? ? 
Does time, have a master plan, 

Of unequal distribution? ? 
Does education, have the knowledge that, 

It’s being used only for money? ? 
How sad do stars get, 

When they don’t see us at night? ? 
Is death laughing or feeling disrespected, 

After finding out that people are more afraid of

“What others will say” than her? ? 
Is law not getting depressed, 

Serving the very same people, 

It wants to punish? ? 

Education in Nepal

On this Modern era education plays the vital role in developing the nation and it’s people. if we do not have proper education we will not be able to survive in this world of modern technology. if we have the proper education then we can survive. on the other hand the education in Nepal is slowly and steady changing and these days most of the private colleges and schools are using the modern method of teaching and is well equipped with modern equipment as well as the modern technologies in compare to the colleges that is run by the government. In government schools and colleges we not be able to fine the modern teaching methods and rare case we can find having all the facilities. Out of 100% as per my view 75% people are well educated and rest percentage are not educated and this the reason falling behind and if we can have 100% then the country as well as the nation will move forward like other developed nations. the society will be well educated as well as civilized. The people will move faster like the jet planes and reached the target with in a short period of time.