Dance – Mia Ocean

I’m thinking hard,
But my mind should be empty.
I practice the movements,
But they come out all wrong.
When I stop,
And think,
I concentrate,
On one thing,
And I dance.
And it’s graceful,
When you think.
Be passionate
With your movements,
Listen to the song,
The beats,
the rhythyms,
And flow.
And dance.


Pain can Dance – Tulsi Shrestha 

Drops of my tears

fall down

above the surface of 

Pensive heart

like ribbles in water surface 

That causes waves of impulse 

inside my heart

Which spreads upto

tips of forehead 

to bottom of 

my feets. 

My pains and griefs

starts to dance

like bubbles

In red wine

inside my

blood stream. 

My heart beats create

rhythmic melody 

of rhymes 

for them 

to dance 

Then Melancholy


the room 

of own my

happiness .