Comfort Them – Yahya Said 

Be their teddy bear when they are lonely 

make them feel your presence daily 

like a butterfly, make them have a silly smile 

be a reason…… 

when you are far away; they’ll have a story to tell 
spread your tender love, be kind 

to them be one of a kind 

a stream that erase their boredom 

flourishing their thoughts with a smooth smiling cream 
‘will you be available for a hike? ” 

ask them, its a lovely prick 

they’ll remember you, while their adoring eyes witness flowery tears 

longing if you could be near… 
Ere sun sets and darkness rule your soul 

Ere you become a past tense in this world 

scar their hearts with love and more love 

for they will have a moment to remember you like their lovely dove