Poem – Halloween Clerihews

The Wicked Witch of the West

is feeling very depressed.

The hag soon disappears

as she melts in all her tears.

Alcoholic Frankenstein’s

drunk again on Merlot wine.

No, his walk is not the clue, 

he staggers when he’s sober too! 

Casper the Friendly Ghost

vacationed on the coast.

He tried his best but failed to tan…

cause only the living can.

Hungry Hannibal Lechter

is a keen cuisine collector.

He’ll welcome you into his shanty –

you’ll taste good with Chianti! 

Psychotic Mr. Hyde

is Jekylls’ evil side.

The doctor drank his evil brew

and one man became two.

King Kong combated Godzilla.

The match went to the gorilla.

The reptile ain’t quite the menace

when it comes to playing tennis.