Child And Man – Rohit Singh 

When I was a child, 

I used to close my eyes, 

When I saw something scary. 

Or ran away when, 

There was a problem. 
Neither they tried to, 

Take my hands off of my eyes, 

Nor they chased me when I ran. 
Now, I am a young man. 

I try to close my eyes, 

When I see something scary, 

But now they try to take, 

My hands off of my eyes, 

And I ran if there is a problem, 

But now they chase me. 
So, I learned to fight back, 

Fight back the fear, 

That compelled me to, 

Close my eyes. 

Fight back the thought, 

That chased me all around. 
I see the devil no more. 

I guess all it takes is a little courage, 

To not let your eyes get closed.