Being Mother – Rishita Rana

Being MotherStatue of love is called a mother, 

Her love can’t resemble another… 
When in pain she gives a birth, 

A priceless gift for her comes on earth, 

Its preciousness for her is without any worth, 

The love bond created is measureless girth! ! ! 

Statue of love….. 
The life to her child which she gave, 

When in problem & needs to be save, 

She become a mighty stop less wave, 

& lays down a road & make it pave! ! ! ! 

Statue of love….. 
She takes many form in her love, 

She becomes a bird & fly like dove, 

Beyond the limit & head above, 

Wherever she goes spread her love! ! ! 

Statue of love….. 
She has a heart as deep as ocean, 

Her widthless feelings are a common notion, 

In her words she carry a magical lotion, 

In her soul there is no hatred motion! ! ! ! ! 

Statue of love…..