A Child’s Hymn – Charles Dickens

Hear my prayer, O heavenly Father, 

Ere I lay me down to sleep; 

Bid Thy angels, pure and holy, 

Round my bed their vigil keep. 
My sins are heavy, but Thy mercy 

Far outweighs them, every one; 

Down before Thy cross I cast them, 

Trusting in Thy help alone. 
Keep me through this night of peril 

Underneath its boundless shade; 

Take me to Thy rest, I pray Thee, 

When my pilgrimage is made. 
None shall measure out Thy patience 

By the span of human thought; 

None shall bound the tender mercies 

Which Thy Holy Son has bought. 
Pardon all my past transgressions, 

Give me strength for days to come; 

Guide and guard me with Thy blessing 

Till Thy angels bid me home.