A Bad Feeling – Hasmukh Amathalal 

You may be feeling very bad 

The heart may be filled and feeling very sad 

It has something to do with on going play 

We are bound to face something to stay 
What can be joy if there are no challenges? 

You come out of it and successfully manage? 

It is all about success down fall or success story 

We sometimes go down with anxiety and worry 
Both sides are necessary and are relevant 

They may invite adverse and favorable comment 

We may cry and at the same time laugh it out 

The life is full of extremes and can termed as all about 
I wish to cry 

But then ask why? 

Why I run away and feel shy? 

W must stick on, face and try 
You love to stay in fray 

It may not push you away 

It has heavy substance to pull you near 

It may frighten but remove your fear