Poem – Nothing Changes

We might to live and survive
in our misery and pseudo-freedom
another quarter of century or even more,
but hope not for changes.

Yes, nothing changes
from such stagnant and deadly existence,
and a living standards of Europe,
even if it was fallen Greece
suffering from crises
left beyond our reach as fairy-tale mysterie,

while we are not to stop
right now and forever
to lie
and skip with propaganda.

Yes, we are all,
our president, prime-minister,
parliament, gubernators,
majors, human rights keeper
and civil society leaders,
our writers and journalists
must stop to lie
to each other’s
to our people, country
as under the penalty for death sentence.

Nothing happens
while we continue
to play this evil games
trying to find own justice and sucker-candy continuum
in company of post-soviet bandits and stealers in power,
when all science, knowledge computers and their programs,
sophisticating and increasing only art of profanation.

Damn all these post-soviet tricks!
Who could to hook us in belt
right nor from all his craft
for extract out
these poisons of falsehood
by several generations accumulated and multiplied
and printed in our blood?

Nothing changes
even if we will live and survive
another centure
under the guide of our stupid lieders
most successful and immortal
in their tricks, lies and propagandas.

Poem – England or Death

England or Death! –
proclaimed illegal migrants
from Senegal, Nigeria, Libya, Afghanistan
attacking Caley tunnel
I am to have got my spade
and digging own personal tunnel
navigating toward small aisle in North Sea
to the dear England
through entire body of Earth,
as prol from Wells fantastic novel
one day I hope get out there
in the marvelous garden of future
in the country inhabited
by so polite and delicate gentlemen
and so nice and strong woman,
I don’t know what the reason for
we are all going there
and seeking what
running out from our paradise
in Senegal, Nigeria, Libya, Kyrgyzstan
where woman so marvelous
toward the sinking Albion
who need itself for our helps,
attacking by gays, feminists, transvestites’, global warming
and now by the mad immigrants,
proclaiming England or Death?
Go out right to the Hell!
I am too all my live
digging tunnel to England,
not for living and finding shelter here,
but for saving poor Englishmen,
when Ocean drown down their aisle.

Poem – The Anti Darwinism of Love

Nay, even the genius of observing far horisont eagle
soaring in heaven,
carefully selects convenient victim
before attacking down as Death,
so do the fastest runner cheetah
hunting for antilopes
he never run for the swiftest one – yes, ah
up and down the slopes,
and so done flying bullet like falcon,
even issying sound as Mig-35 jet
when he fell down for unhappy prey
shocked by fear and humiliation
with awful sound and blood freezed acceleration.

So do the master of fast slaughtering wolf,
and even domestic cat,
and crafty bear and vivid sable
they are all not playing with over expensive tricks.

All these animals and birds
from the best championships in wild world
giving us the clear hunting methodology
and excellent lesson for surviving,
the great advice for them
who inclined for madness from love,
from money hunting, searching glory
and other expectances extraordinarily
as for our dear tamed gini-pig, pigeons, sheep and doves
never ever target for yourself
the most unreachable aims and dreams.
Learn from primarily nature.
Eagle do not plunge
for the non-ordinary deer
cheetah do not risked
hunt to recordsman spring back
and the celestial falcon
chooses among the pigeons
the weakest one,
and wolf never pointed
the strong mountain sheep.
Only mister poet
do not learn at all
the principes of economy of force, energy and possibilities,
ever prefers fours-majors

trying to find, reach, caught and capture
the most fastest
unreal and desirable
beauties, marvels and mists
emerging in nature.

No wonder that such anti-Darvinizm
produced so much failures.

Poem – The Secret of Woman Beauty

What has become as the best makeup for woman?
Her youth, health, nature attractiveness
or just how she get looked to mirror, repaired tresses,
how she smiled and turn to glance?
Maybe mystic lied on her way of wearings,
in her fashion and subtle taste

All these things look as extra-precious
But beauty of soul, perfection of deep knowledge and reason
beyond all competitions and comparisons
as a parts of her grace and eternal elegance.

Poem – Let’s Go to Live Forever

Let’s go, dear, to live together
and we should look eventually
what happen with such decision,
certainly we are growing fast older and downgraded
going to end, my sugar candy,
but we have been together,
that s sound finely, doesn’t?

So let’s keep living together.
No one warranted
what happened from such idea:
would we live in peace and harmony
or our life have been hurly-burly,
the whole one endless cacophony,
maybe we are both drown
with tsunami of troubles and problems
or we shall find way for harbor
our safety and harmony,
or our ship will moved to divorcee
and fighting for shearing joint collecting property.
No one know answers for that hellish questions
and predict future possibilities and revelation
in all its damned variations,
maybe love will thousand times cursing
and regretting and lamenting
for this occasion and acceptance
of long waiting meeting, suggestion and dance.

But let’s keep living together
right now and without any postponing
traying never miss each other’s
and we are looking for what’s happened later,
growing older and downgrade
but we have been live with you together
my dear sugar candy,
let’s, please, living forever.

Poem – In a Hopeless Desert

You must love in any case,
find somebody or something in this desert –
close or far from you – to attract them
and revive himself.
That is vitally urgent for you.
If you lost any hope
let love ancient stature or crumbled idols
for the stretching yours wings,
and capturing wind
moving away from desert
waterles and lifeles for you.

Poem – The Deep Secret of Love

Our world was born from one genuine strong intention,
pressed in simple sentence,
one astonishing spelling out
the magical composed phrase
that deeply stressed frozen black matters
and born and expanded our Universe
with myriads bright stars
and galactics,
as a one wholly composure,
(where invisible and unmeasurable part and game
handred time more really and value
then what we could fixed) ,
have drifted to eternal motion
and come eventually to that unusual existence
with limitless secrets and powers in micro and macro realities
teeming inside and around us
in close and great distances,
with perfectly worked
and tuned physical constants and laws
as only truly vitnesses, ambassadors and heralds
of our transendence.

Try to do the same
on his small level.

Love also has
its hidden formula, cod and mission,
if you have a strong power and great passion
you might able to do it
relive and save for life
the dear one who look now maybe
as the world before its born.
Or try to resurrect our people and country
that too long suffered
from lack of perfect knowledge and love
for creating sustained and stable community,
pressed out by abundant black will, jealous and hatred
on the base of dack ignorance.

Poem – War for our Peace and Soul

Since 2000 these skilled and brave American boys were fighting for our safety and freedom. That is the greatest truth of our days and of the modern history, and it was carefully kept on the shadow by our artful philistine-politicians and pseudo-experts too long.
While we and our governments have experimented and dreamed about various ways to create prosperous community and non-corruptive state, while being in the comfortable place and under the double protection of American and Russian soldiers, those soldiers have been fighting for our sake in the global politics. Americans were killed and injured in the severe mountain deserts of Afghanistan for our survival, sacrificing their souls for us, stopping for rest and recovery in the Manas airbase. And what have we done? And what have the Russian soldiers done, who were deployed in the airbase in Kant close to US air base the same time the US troops came to Kyrgyzstan? The distance between these two airbases is less than 60 kilometers. Have Russian soldiers helped all these years to Americans? Yes, our and Russian officials told they had done. But in fact, from the first days of their deployment, the Russian soldiers ‘protected’ us from Americans soldiers – not from Afghans, Taliban or anyone else.

The government of the Kyrgyz Republic knew that our country borders with the most troublesome region of the world, and that this war was rather ours than theirs. Therefore, Kyrgyzstan tried to perceive the world that we were with the West and were helping them, especially the USA in the decade long war against the Taliban. Our government did not stop repeating again and again that we were helping the West Alliance efforts in their effort to create peace and stability in vast region of Central Asia. Yes, we gave permission to the US and European countries to deploy their airbase in our territory from the early beginning of the war in Afghanistan, but the USA provided us more than a billion dollars within the last ten years. It has never been truly friendly help and support. It was primary the subject of heavy and dishonorable (certainly for us) bargain and these shameful bazaar goes on and seems will not stop in the near future. Instead of expressing gratitude to America and its boys, who struggled, were wounded and died for peace in the world, especially, for our peace, we have been permanently playing on the enemy’s side. Instead of helping our protectors or even better to participate in this war, we made a dirty baseness not only by earning money from them for our peace, but also by humiliating them, our truly friends, and continuously demanding the expulsion the US forces and closure of its airbase in Kyrgyzstan.

Yes, from the very beginning it was quite clear that Russia and China would be against deploying the US airbase in our territory and pressed out them eventually. That by the time we would be left along without supports of West countries under strong pressure dictatorship regimes around us in Central Asia with troubled forever Afghanistan and under global patronage of our authoritarian superpowers-neighbours -Russian and China.
Yes, nothing happened, and war and Global confrontation last forever.
But I want asked from ours and worldwide politics – for what so many soldiers from US and other West countries have died and been wounded? For what have hundred our Kyrgyz soldiers died, who protected our borders in so called Batken wars from attacks of enemy troops from Afganistan before deploying Americans troop in our country? And for what thousands of Soviet soldiers died in the same prehistoric war in Afghanistan, which began in 1980s and finished with the collapse of the USSR?

Poem – My English

It was very hard for me
to speak with West
through translators,
usually Russians
anchored by intelligent services,
KGB or related them
with such or others way.
Sometimes we have met Kyrgyzes mediators,
but they are also spoiled
by soviet or post-soviet propaganda,
hated our own cultures and nashient freedom,
heavily abscessed
by dyed glory and greatness of USSR,
ardently dreamed, poor one,
to return in that golden cage and Edem.

So damn all of them!
I want to learn English
for escape from
various interpretations and interpretators
and traitors and crack down
in the hub of crossroad
of Big Game.

Poem – Honestly Say

From Kerdegey,
(the famous modern Kyrgyz poet and writer)

You asked me
why I have not mark my verses
with dots, slashes,
double dots and others grammars.
My answer is simple:
I don’t give up them as words trashes,
I just have no idea
how, for what, and where
to enter them carefully and apty.

So my precious
mark them
as you liked and preferred
and be happy, healthy and hefty.

Poem – The Hit of Love

It’s really hit of great Master,
when millions other just a dream waster…
Try to find in dream the largest empire
and after that a town in them
and a street in the town
and a home and a window
of the room where grown and white you
so carefully hidden by the times and distances
you dearest one and a love indispensable.

Poem – Be Carefully

Be carefully
when you have dealed or communicated with world,
overfilled with trytory, corrupt and decaying.
You are lived among ‘deads’ plying as living,
dansing with corpuses and vampiers souls,
your everyday path run, crossed and interspersed
with unnumerous ways, traps, deadlocks,
mastered by thievs, robbers, bandits and cleptocrates.
Especially afrade
our unchangablle presidents, depyties and their stakeholders and supporters.
They were all sqillfulled
for kill you, drowse
and weep aut your name
from short list of eternity.

Poem – The Bad Boys Song

I know I am poor wretch
without any moral codes and barriers and senses.
I am ended cretin and cynics.
I spat to all –
to ours or others, friends or enemies.

I have held in my hand
the nuclear bomb
and ruled firmly
by the great country,
where self-governing chicken community
frozen to death,
as the doctrines of cursed justice.

I spat to democracy, wisdom,
for human rights of men,
and what left there else?
Fair elections
and other values and social perfections?

I tramped them all,
that might to corrode my legitimacy.
I am bad boy
and know that never lose power.

Better this great country
together with honest sheep-like population
that so adore me
when I am spitting to West and East
will go to hell
then I am lost my favorite toy.
I am bad boy
and want to stamp that forever
I spit to past, up-to-date
and to face of forthcoming day.
I am bad boy
but the national leader also.

Poem – Titan

must share own part of heaven.
He showed it,
when he lifted universe
on his arms.
He had perfect knowledge
about inward
and outward
structure and deep sence of limitles
and about tight integration
every soul
with the whole.
He knew,
must share own part of heaven.
from unfolding existence
after Great Big Ban.
But mankind
made from him goddess,
instead share
own part of heaven.

Poem – The Pearly Shell

first version

On the darkest bottom
of deep salt sea’s Sahara
one creative mollusk
searching diligently
the precious dream
about unknowing beauty of pearly sunrises,
somewhere far above the water,
this sea floor genius devoted his life
for searching dawn and Sun
in totally helpless and unavoidable darkness
amid the awfull monsters and predators
and realm of blind and cold creatures.
But his love was so great and powerful
that eventually dawn
descendent to him
to live with his dream
and marked wall
inside his shell
with the eternal masterpiece-picture
even more beautiful
than real sunrise.

second version

On the darkest bottom
of deep salt sea’s Sahara
one creative mollusk
searching the precious dreams
about the unknowing beauty of pearly sunrises,
somwhere far above the water,
and left after himself
on the wall of his home
the masterpiece-picture.

Poem – The Prisons Bless

It was the happiest week
for him,
who 10 years has survived in trap of Siberia.
ex-oligarch who sacrifaced
own milliards for justise and future great nation.

The comendant of prison
suddenly after sanrising
did sent him nice slice of chocolade
and ordered
for often meeting with relates
on the eve of Crismas.

Who knows
what fanny things got run
right now
on the far Moskow?
Maybe he is relly
the future president of Russian
this new Nelson Mandella?
Dasnt history want to play with us new trick?
Let fhanks us and forgive if so.
If we did sometimes wrong things for him
according with secreet demand of high body –
forgive, please us, for holly blankness.

Maybe we need to prepare
to open the myzeum of modern history of Russian
just In this place
where such man as Khodorkovski so long prisoned?

Heaven cake.
What is the iron ironia of history!

Poem – The Hit of Love

It’s really hit of great Master,
when millions other just a dream waster…
Try to find in dream the largest empire
and after that a town in them
and a street in the town
and a home and a vindow
of the room where grown and white you
so carefully hidden by the times and distances
you dearest one and a love indispensable.

Poem – The Love Magic

My favorite star
on the darkest sky.
Your light is coming to me
throught abrest of times
and cold distances,
measured by milleniums
of light years travell.
Yes, what is have seen right now
and inspared me
had belonged to ancian times,
when lived Ramses and Nefertary.

But why the star
so impressed me
and I am not beliving
that what I have seen and felt
came to me from dead fares?

Becouse love as a thought
break out all the basic phisic laws,
she has primerily occupaed all
around us,
even was born with uneverse
from hottest point.
So our feels move instantly
and don’t respect the dictats of time and distance.

That’s why
when I look for you
my heart know you feel me
that I love you
right now.

Poem – Gandhi And Gangster

After Gandhi there are left anyone for speaking honestly’
V. Putin

Yes, I know,
how help you
and save yours teflon image
of steep national leader
in eternity.

You must start reforms
in all post-soviet area
where you so busy and artfully
have kept stagnant regimes
for own benefits and glory.

If you could nоt to do that,
people told about you tomorrow:
he was certainly steep old boy,
but better not born and our time borrowed.

Poem – Help to Obama

Right now
World needs from you
The songs of peace,
The songs which able
To join East and West,
South and North,
Christians and Muslims,
Juda and Budda.

Help to Obama
To drift in right direction
with China, Russian, Iran and Abu-dabi.

Don’t worry about words.
You are ought only sing a songs
About peace in the World.
As a great whale
Or submarine of friendship
That floats up from North Ice Ocean,
Break cold war
And what else
Left from them
In frozen poles of our souls.

Help to Obama
To drift in right direction
with China, Russian, Iran and Abu-dabi.