Poem – You Said 

You said you’ll never make me cry

Then  why do I have tears in my eyes

You said you’ll never hurt me

Then why am I in pain

You said that you’ll never let me go

Then why do I feel like I’m falling

You said that you’ll always be there 

Then why aren’t you here

You said you didn’t need anything else

Then why do you keep wishing for more

You said you’ll love me forever

Then why is your heart not with me 

Poem – My Love

It’s hard being so far from you

But my love for you will always stay true

My heart will be with you till the end

And I’ll be your truest friend

I wish we’ll be together forever

Will I stop loving you? I’ll never

You say you’ll always love me

Then I wonder if we were meant to be

I wonder if this is a sign

That you’ll forever be mine

I hope you won’t ever hurt me in the inside

Because if u do, I’ll feel like all you did was lie

I wish we weren’t so far apart

But you’ll always be here in my heart

Sometimes I feel I’m so crazy to love someone on the other side of the world

But I’m hanging on to your every word

I’ll do anything for you

Because…I LOVE YOU! 

Poem – What If 

What if we never  met 

Would  you have found someone like me

What if you didn’t say those three words

would we have lasted this long

What if all of a sudden, I was gone

would you erase me from your life

What if you walked away after our first break-up

would you be living a better life now

What if you decided to stop loving me

would you ever have regretted it 

Poem – I Love You So Much 

I love you so much……

to travel around the whole world non-stop. I’ll walk forever all over the planet if that is what I had to do to find you…
I love you so much…

…to lie in the darkest corner of the world. I’ll sit blinded in the dark, cold and shivering on the bare earth if that’s where you wanted me to wait for you…
I love you so much…

…to fight an entire army by myself. I’ll stand before thousands of fierce warriors and battle each one with a single sword if that’s what I needed to fight for you…
I love you so much…

….to give up my life for you. I’ll leave my body lifeless on this earth to free my soul if the world had to choose between us who had to go… 

Poem – Hard for Me 

I wish I could say ‘I Love You’ without any doubt

I want all the problems inside of me to just come out

But it seems they’re held in my heart, so deep inside

And with all that hurting, it makes it hard to hide

How did this crazy life came to be? 

I wonder how all of this could happen to me

I’m tired of secretly crying every night

I know that I can’t change the past and make it alright

I want to believe those sweet words you say

But they always seem to just come and fade

Feeling like I’m drowning underwater, I’m almost out of breath

Struggling to swim to the surface, I feel I’m getting closer to my death

I’m sorry if you’re hurting inside too

But sometimes I can’t really say ‘I Love You’ 

Poem – Look at Me

I want him to notice me

To realize the things I can be

Sometimes I feel like he’s always wanting to look the other way

I just don’t know what to say

We’re together, yet I feel as if we are apart

I wish we were good friends from the start

Maybe if he had to choose between me and a game

I’ll just be the one left in pain

I wish he’ll look at me

look in my eyes and see the hurt I’m going through

See that I need him

Open his eyes and realize that all I want to do is be with him

We’re not together every second of every minute of every hour

I only want him to make the best of the moments we have together 

Poem – Loving You

I don’t care what people say

They keep telling me that I’m just wasting my time

Voices wanting me to break it off

Convincing me to save myself from the hurt

The hurt they think you’re going to put me through

I’m crying inside, breaking down

Because those voices are those of my friends

I can’t let go of you though

Somewhere in my heart

There’s something that doesn’t want to leave you

I’ll let a million tears stream down my face

Before I’ll let myself be forced to calm down

I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing

But I’ll take the risk and go with my heart

Maybe I’m not supposed to, but I can’t help loving you 

Poem – Lost & Confused

I’m so lost right now

So lost in a world that’s so unknown to me

I’m falling from the skies

and don’t know whether to fight for survival or to just keep falling

Seeing darkness ahead I stand in wonder

to move through the shadows or turn back towards the light

I can’t think straight anymore

and I can’t hear what my heart is saying

I try so hard to find my way

But it’s hard when there’s a storm in your path

I can’t sleep because there’s always this dark figure 

laying besides me, 

laughing at my pains

Standing in the pouring rain

I cry till I’m left standing in an ocean of my tears

As I lay on the bare ground

I wish and wait for someone to come find me and help me…

Save me from this dreadful place