Poem – The Wiccan Rede

Bide the Wiccan laws ye must
In perfect love an perfect trust.

Live an let live-
Fairly take an fairly give.

Cast the Circle thrice about
To keep all evil spirits out.

To bind the spell every time
Let the spell be spake in rhyme.

Soft of eye an light of touch
Speak little, listen much.

Deosil go by the waxing moon
Sing an dance the Wiccan Rune.

(Deosil go by waxing moon,
Changing out the Wiccan rune.)

Widdershins go when Moon doth wane,
An the werewolves howl by the dread wolfsbane.

(Widdershins go by waning moon,
chanting out the baneful rune.)

When the Lady’s Moon is new
Kiss the hand to her times two.

When the Moon rides at her peak,
Then your heart’s desire seek.

Heed the North wind’s mighty gale
Lock the door an drop the sail.

When the wind comes from the South,
Love will kiss thee on the mouth.

When the wind blows from the East
Expect the new an set the feast.

When the West wind blows o’er thee
Departed spirits restless be.

Nine woods in the cauldron go
Burn them quick an burn them slow.

Elder be ye Lady’s tree
Burn it not or cursed ye’ll be.

When the wheel begins to turn
Let the Beltane fires burn.

When the Wheel has turned a Yule
Light the Log an let Pan rule.

Heed ye flowers, bush an tree
By the Lady blessed be.

Where the rippling waters go
Cast a stone an truth ye’ll know.

When ye have need
Hearken not to other’s greed.

With the fool no season spend
Or be counted as his friend.

Merry meet an merry part
Bright the cheeks an warm the heart.

Mind the Threefold Law ye should
Three times bad an three times good.

When misfortune is enow
Wear the blue star on thy brow.

True in love ever be
Unless thy lover’s false to thee.

Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill
An it harm none, do what ye will.

Poem – Moonlight Love

Enthralling moon’s orb dazzles up in the night sky
Whole sky is lit up by the splendor of the moonlight
Autumn breeze slightly whispers a mellow serenade
Misty dew drops fall from the sky sprinkling over fields
Dainty and delicate are the night blooming flowers
They appear like sparkling flames of candles in the dark
An awakened owl sitting on a branch basking moonlight
While people dream in these solemn hours of the night
Gentle moon and twinkling stars are unseen during daylight
Their blissful beauty is admired by many keen onlookers
Brightness of supreme sunlight gives life in this world
Moonlight brings sweetness of romance to the lovers
Stars enable to generate wishful thoughts in the mind
Leading the lovers on the way to precious love’s desire

Poem – Razors and Nightmares

I stare at my ceiling,
I start to wonder, why am I not healing?
Then it dawns on me,
The nightmare clip starts to roll.
I shake and shiver and wince at every little thing.
I’m scared to death,
What does this all mean?
I start to cry,
I feel as if I might die.
Then I grab my blade,
The tears come quicker.
My breath starts to quicken,
My grip on the blade makes my knuckles turn white.
In the mirror is where I see that my ivory skin is now blotchy and red.
I tell myself, ‘This may be the last time, if you finally cut deep enough.’
So I try my best not to make a sound
As I sit up in bed and hold my wrist out in front of me.
I count to three,
I put the blade to my wrist.
I start to add pressure.
I yank the blade across my skin,
It pierces and then I start to bleed.
I suddenly want it to stop,
But there’s no going back now.
I wonder why it came to this,
I know nobody cares about me,
I know nobody is going to forget me.
Quietly I say, ‘I’m sorry.’
But nobody is there,
No one will ever be.
I start to fade out of this world,
My addiction would finally be gone,
And so would I.
I was lost,
Lost and angry.
Suddenly, it was gone,
I woke up screaming.
The pain was oh-so real.

Poem – Dear Lord and Lady

Dear lord and lady
help me thru this say
during the time i
need you most

Dear lord
grant me the strength
to overcome
my obstacles

Dear lady
grant me the ability
to care and nurture
for MY mother earth

Dear lord and lady
may i say
thank you
for getting me thru another day

Poem – Bloody Wrist

I’m sitting on the floor
I’m crying so much more
trying to erase this pain
trying to forget your face
sitting here with the blade in my hand
running so slow blood dripping down
in a deep red color
flowing freely the way i want to feel

I’m sitting on the floor
holding my hand out
I’m holding a bottle
a bottle filled with pills
I’m crying so hard
the pain is unbearable
I’m feeling so weak

I’m sitting here on this floor
holding a blade
crying like crazy
trying to take this pain away
I’m trying my best trying to fight
my eyelids feel heavy
my door is so far
the whispered yells to far
falling deep in to sleep

I’m laying on a bed
I’m so confused
where am i?
my throat feels sore
my body screams in pain
I’m looking around
I’m in a small white room

i try to move,
my hands are stuck
i try to get up
i feel restraints
what happened to me?

I’m laying on a bed
trying to get up
my head hurts
a nurse is here
a shot is administered
i drift to sleep
I’m in the psych ward
why am i here?

I’m lying on a bed
laying so still
my wrists hurts to no end
I’m crying out loud
screaming and cussing
my body hurts
i can’t remember

all i remember are my bloody wrists
and a bottle of pills
all i remember is the pain i was in…..

Poem – Sunset

Meeting you 
was pure destiny, 

You and I 

were ment to be.
Maybe not now

but someday soon, 

We’ll meet not under the sun

but beneath the moon.
We’ll watch the stars

’till they fade away, 

but we won’t fade

together we’ll always stay.
This is the day 

I’m waiting for, 

from that day

I’ll love you more and more.
I can’t wait to watch

the sun set with you, 

every sunset from that day

’till the rest of 

our lives are through. 

Poem – Goddess Grace

I am the Goddess of a thousand names and infinite capacity.
All Her gifts are mine. 

All Her powers reside in me.
I am Athena of Greece.

Like my totem the owl, I am wise for I see and hear everything around and within me.

Like the oak, I am strong, for the olive of peace is sacred to me.
I am Bast, cat goddess of Egypt.

I am graceful, flexible, playful, and affectionate.

I radiate the warmth and light of the glorious sun.
I am Cerridwen of Wales.

My magic cauldron contains food for the soul; an inexhaustible source of wisdom and inspiration.

The more I give, the more I receive.
I am Diana, Roman goddess of the ever-changing moon.

I am a protectress of women and children; a guardian of the wild.

I focus my aim on my heart’s desire and draw it to me.
I am Ereshkigal, Assyro-Babylonian goddess of the underworld, Queen of the Great Below. 

I shed dead skin to grow. 

Deep powers of renewal are mine.
I am Freya, Well-beloved Nordic Lady.

I survey the beauty of my world in joyous flight.

I celebrate and honor the bonds between friends and lovers.
I am Gaia, Greek Earth Mother.

Grounded and centered in the rhythms and patterns of chaos. 

I emerge to create my universe.
I am Hecate of Greece, Triple Goddess of the crossroads of choice.

I balance my powers of thought and my emotion.

I choose the path I walk. 

The torch of my reason is illumined by my brilliant intuition.
I am Isis, Egyptian Queen of the World.

I offer healing and transformation to all in need.

I hold the power to shape my world.
I am Jagad-Yoni, Hindu universal Yoni, womb of the world. 

I am the gatekeeper of the next generation. 

I choose the life that emerges through me.

I use my powers wisely.
I am Kwan-Yin of Buddhist China, goddess of compassion.

I hear and comfort the wounds of the world.

I welcome children and teach the magic of change.
I am Liban, Irish mermaid goddess.

I revel in the healing power of pleasure.

Quench your thirst at my sacred well.
I am Maat of Egypt.

Truth justice and law are the natural order of my universe.

Harmony arises as I attune to my divine will.
I am Nu-Kua, Chinese dragon-tailed creatures. 

I restore the cosmic equilibrium.

I form community among women and men connecting in equality of love and respect.
I am Old Spider goddess of Micronesia.

I created the moon, the sea, the sky, the sun, and the earth from a single clamshell.

All the vast and varied universe is present in the smallest forms of life.

As above, so below. 

As within, so without.
I am Pele, Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes.

My fiery energy erupts from my core to create new worlds. 

I flow easily over obstacles in my path.
I am Qedeshet of Syria. 

I balance lightly on the lion I ride.

Laughter lifts me from the pull of gravity.

The lotus blossoms I hold and the serpents I carry symbolize the life and health I bring.
I am Rhiannon, horsewoman, Divine Queen of Wales.

My steady pace is swift and smooth.

I travel freely through the world, safe, serene and secure.

My winged friends can wake the dead, and lull the living to sleep.
I am Sedena of the Eskimos.

Know and honor me through my animals.

Bears, whales, and seals, all creatures of the land and sea are part of me.

We share the right to be.
I am Tiamat of Babylon, primordial sea-serpent.

I am the great mother womb who brought forth the earth and the heavens. 

I dive deep into the watery unconscious to find the treasures buried there.
I am Uttu, Chaldean-Sumerian goddess of weaving and vegetation. 

I offer shelter and nourishment to all who know me.

We weed and clothe each other through our work.
I am Vasudhara, Hindu goddess of abundance.

My six arms hold everything you need and offer it to you.

Earth Water Fire Air Center Spirit Purpose Love Passion Wisdom Here Now.
I am White Woman of Honduras.

I descend from heaven to build my temple on earth and return as a glorious bird.

I honor and express my true spirit, my beauty is beyond compare.
I am Xochiquetzal, Aztec goddess of flowers, love spinning, weaving, singing and dancing. 

I am an Original Woman.

I delight in sharing my many gifts.
I am Yemaya, Nigerian Fish Mother, Brazilian Voodoo mermaid.

Lakes, rivers, and oceans are my home.

The waters of life belong to me.

We cleanse and substain each other.
I am Zoc, Gnostic Acorn of Life.

Mother of all Living.

I am the embodiment of growth and vitality.

I am unique life energy.
I am the Goddess of a thousand names and infinite capacity.

All Her gifts are mine.

All Her powers reside in me.
We are the Goddess of a thousand names and infinite capacity.

All Her gifts are ours. All Her powers reside in us.
You are the Goddess of a thousand names and infinite capacity.

All Her gifts are yours.

All Her powers reside in you. 

Poem – Velvet Wings

Ignorant to passing time
Reality strikes its deafening chime

Unspoken words pass between

I and you, my darling queen
Lay your weary head to rest

With your arms across your chest

Now it’s time to close your eyes

Whisper your final goodbyes
Let me go, we’ll both be free

Cross the wasteland, past the sea

Find the path to heaven’s light

Break away from endless night
Embracing tears of bitter pain

Falling lightly with the rain

Out of reach, I hear your song

Alone again, I sing along
Let me go, we’ll both be free

Cross the wasteland, past the sea

Find the path to heaven’s light

Break away from endless night
From the night…

I watched your velvet wings take flight

I never saw you so alive

So alive

I watched your velvet wings take flight

I’ll never ever say goodbye

Never say goodbye
Life has ended, you have won

Death befriended, pain is gone

Fly away into the light

Crystal clear and shining bright

Close your eyes for final rest

Meeting among the blessed
Let me go, we’ll both be free

Cross the wasteland, past the sea

Find the path to heaven’s light

Break away from endless night
From the night…

I watched your velvet wings take flight

I never saw you so alive

So alive

I watched your velvet wings take flight

I’ll never ever say goodbye

Never say goodbye
I let you go so you’ll be free

Cross the path of darkened sea

I watched your velvet wings take flight

I can never say goodbye

Never say goodbye 

Poem – Regret

Regret flows from the depths of my soul
With the strength of a flood

I have held these gates shut for too long

And though tormenting, they should not be stopped.
The thought of your anguish

Even as I write to you now

Stops my heart cold

As well it should
What I see in front of me

Is a painting of our love

Its most thoughtful brushstrokes

Mottled by hurried abstraction and inattention
A person who had not seen this masterpiece created

Might think it to be refuse and pass it by unknowingly

Letting be obscured the deep beauty of its many scenes

By layers of the tarnish of mistreatment
But as the painter

I see beyond the dark smears

To recall the hours that I attended to the details

And wonder how I could let it become so discolored
The painting that took me my life to create

Has lost its divinity in my careless treatment

And even if I were to refine it

I fear you would always see it as it is today
So today I paint a new masterpiece

One inspired by the muse of respect

A work that you can love through our old age

One that you will look to each day for inspiration
This one will take some time

As I want my brushstrokes to be carefully placed

I need to move steadily to ensure that this time, 

My art represents my dream
This is my opus

Don’t judge me on my past works

As I have never before had so much skill and inspiration

And never before have I wanted to please you as I do today
With you as my muse

I will paint for you a lifetime

A portrait of devotion and friendship

A panorama of passion and admiration
All I ask is that you gaze upon it with an open heart

And you shall unquestionably love me again 

Poem – Suicide

Sweat drop
On top

Trigger pop

Written note

All I got

Hang knot

Body rot

Suicide cop
I hope not

Cry out loud

I think not

Body’s hot

I am too proud

I am loved a lot

Roof top.

Suicide bride
Heavy vain

Your game 

the same

Trapped shame

Gone insane

Who’s to blame

Red stain

Suicide rain
Addictive dope

Needle hope

Poison taste

Drowning beer

Gun shot

Painless fear

Powder nose

Suicide dose
Razor blades

Flame stare

Pain fades

Sadden tear

Candle wax

Smoke dare

Burn down

Suicide flare
No bluff

No name

War zone

Innocent prey

Soul blown

Cry all day

Set mind

Suicide bomb

traffic jam

Plane jack

Head strong

Help protect

Customs wrong

Dead plot

Suicide stop
– – – 

stop the suicide 

Poem – My Prince

My love, my heart, my soul is my gift to you

Your smile, your love is the only reward I would want
Precious, like a gem made by angels to shine forever

Releasing the passion inside me that burns for you

Intertwining our destinies, so that we two soul mates

Now and forever, can live out our hopes and dreams

Creating our own bond of life, to overcome the challenges

Explore the mysteries, and to enjoy life as it should be 

Poem – Thank You

The sun sets

Upon the golden sand

We sit together

Hand in hand
We gently embrace

And look into each other’s eyes

I wonder if you are

An angel in disguise
You hold me

Like there’s no tomorrow

I suddenly forget

The past sorrow
I kiss your soft lips

And you kiss mine

I never knew

Loving someone could be this fine
You pick me up

And carry me to our room

Oh how a love can blossom

And a heart can bloom.
Your touch is so gentle

But your hands so strong

How could a love like this

Ever go wrong? 
My heart is beating

200 times a minute

Because my love

You are in it
The sound of your heartbeat

All through the night

We fall asleep in each other’s arms

And wake to the morning light.
I look into your eyes

And this is when

I say ‘Thank You’

For teaching me to love again 

Poem – Love is so Very Special 

Love is so very special

Yet can make you feel so lost

It can arrive just like the springtime

And melt away like morning frost
You must find ways to nurture

Always grow your love with care

Never ever take for granted

The love that you both share
Mistakes are bound to happen

You may hurt each other’s heart

Yet don’t give up to easily

It will tear your love apart
Love resembles a bright flame

That lights a dark starry night

Never ever let this flame burn down

Rekindle with all your might
Take a moment every day

Look deep into each other’s eyes

Never hesitate to show affection

Small gestures will keep a love alive
Talk openly about your feelings

Take time to show that you care

Treasure each and every moment

Because to find true love is rare