Poem – Fancy’s Wings

How I praise thy sweetness

that ever grows since ancient times

and never failed to bless

man’s rhymes.
From Homer to Cædman

and from Virgil to John

thy fragrance and frolic effect

making man’s soul prophetic. 
How often you are assumed 

In falling rain and in the rising sun, 

In joys and in grief, we are blessed

by thy lasting relief.
Ages gone but mortals praising

never eclipsed. O good nature! 

Let my fancy to make

my rhymes lasting long. 

Poem – Fall of Troy

Learnt from Chapman’s Homer, 
A story full of grace and glamour.

Killings of Royals, warriors and multitude

Fall of Troy is

A melodrama of ancient attitude

Sans merci, sans certitude
War that was waged in heavens

Amongst deities of love, wedding and wisdom, 

To be crowned one 

The fairest of heavenly kingdom. 
Poor Paris from Trojan race

Chose to settle that celestial FACE.

Ah! This sin of Prince was un-forgiven, 

Brought thousands ships towards Trojan haven.
The wall of Troy

Besieged by savage and sages

For term of ten years ages.

Prince Hector the decent, daredevil

Embraced Achilles` wrath and kissed the peril.
Days and nights, round the clock

Trojans and Achaeans clashed like a giant rocks

Hector, Aeneas, Paris, Agenor and Sarpedon, 

Achilles, Odysseus, Ajax, Patroclus and Agamemnon.

For worthless love and fairy

Troy lost her grace and glory 

Poem – Exodus 

Flight of the reason and values
left our cultures sterile

and brains barren: 

a proven PERILE that takes

man into wilderness.
The evil temptations

(like a gentle breeze) 

luring the minds, and carry

souls to the Pluto’s shrine. 

The innocence of man 

has transformed into iniquity, 

that digitising his pure romance

(once was in Nature’s trance) 
From Buddha to Jesus

and from Nile to Olympus; 

the ‘VISION’ that always had enlightened the hearts, now

enthralled by Lucifer’s charms… 

Poem – Evolution 

Isn’t that inglorious
to deny the FACT that

‘we are fostering a devil inside’ 

And secretly abide

The villainous creed 

And adorn our evil deeds

And envenom the world around.

Let’s embrace

Those forgotten pages

Taught by the ancient sages

From Cro-Magnon to Homo-erectus

“We slaughtered our fellows and dined on their flesh”

Ah! We the Homo sapiens

A savage creature

Evolved through ages, 

Veiling our ignorance

In words rhymed in rhythm

And dress our nudity

In Gucci, Lacoste, Armani and jack n Jones

Ah! the truth hardly known. 

Poem – Demons Reign

This havoc of the century new, burns 

my wondering eyes; and

slowly taking on all the glamour of alluring life, 

but still i host resistance from the glutton bellies: 

often they babbling sillily.
I pass and pause, but 

two steps forward drag me miles bak, 

Ah! no asylum in retreat.

How can i wipe off 

my (teary) eyes with hollow smiles? 
behold! the golden sky turning dark 

and dyes heaven; and the demons reign

begins, that incessantly showers 

fortunes false, upon the wrecked hearts, 

immersed in dark. 

Poem – Da Vinci Code

This life is full of 
tittering jeering emptiness 

and unacceptable too,  

so I painted myself like a Hero: 

no less than the Marvel’s One.

A holy spirit I framed this myself 

and started moving along

the silent winds, to climb

the flirting stars and was

singing Milton’s songs.


Wearing white 

in that dark cold night,  

my flight in the falling mist 

was full of horror and fright, 

and when I past the worldly time- 

that measures the melting hours- 

down I saw glares and glows unknown, 

and heard thousands of filthy groans,  

which left my reason 

numbed and vision blind.


A high treason it would be  

in the seventh sky, as I got to know

that MAN is a fleck of dust, 

but worthy more than the ten commandments, 

and sacred like the Da Vinci code… 

Oh come on K 

WTH you’re talking?  

it’s too boring, isn’t. 

let’s have some drink and 

a little nap instead.  

Poem – D’ Wine

Mistaken by the subsequent races
The STORY of god and His traces; 

From Solon to Solomon, and

from Moses to Marx, and of course, 

From necromancy to theocracy.

How can He only be a Semitic, 

and mute in Gallic and in Attic? 

THESE are nothing but fancies, and

an aura of Romance, that brought

humanity in trance, to cease their peace and

Freedom with an uncertain attitude; 

And fool the Mortals as a child.
How graciously marked by a Renaissance`s soul, that

there is no sin but ignorance, and

count religion but a childish toy.

Isnt THIS a fable or old wives tales? 

Priest, monk, Saint, cleric and rabbi

These are but heralds of heaven and hell, 

Claimed to be revealed with

scriptures sealed, that deluded

the truth that was ‘cognate’ to man.

The mysteries of life and death

Of good and evil, Of heaven and hell, 

Aren`t illusions and mantal repressions? 

That viciously drafted to hail their worldly vision.