Poem – Fancy’s Wings

How I praise thy sweetness

that ever grows since ancient times

and never failed to bless

man’s rhymes.
From Homer to Cædman

and from Virgil to John

thy fragrance and frolic effect

making man’s soul prophetic. 
How often you are assumed 

In falling rain and in the rising sun, 

In joys and in grief, we are blessed

by thy lasting relief.
Ages gone but mortals praising

never eclipsed. O good nature! 

Let my fancy to make

my rhymes lasting long. 

Poem – Fall of Troy

Learnt from Chapman’s Homer, 
A story full of grace and glamour.

Killings of Royals, warriors and multitude

Fall of Troy is

A melodrama of ancient attitude

Sans merci, sans certitude
War that was waged in heavens

Amongst deities of love, wedding and wisdom, 

To be crowned one 

The fairest of heavenly kingdom. 
Poor Paris from Trojan race

Chose to settle that celestial FACE.

Ah! This sin of Prince was un-forgiven, 

Brought thousands ships towards Trojan haven.
The wall of Troy

Besieged by savage and sages

For term of ten years ages.

Prince Hector the decent, daredevil

Embraced Achilles` wrath and kissed the peril.
Days and nights, round the clock

Trojans and Achaeans clashed like a giant rocks

Hector, Aeneas, Paris, Agenor and Sarpedon, 

Achilles, Odysseus, Ajax, Patroclus and Agamemnon.

For worthless love and fairy

Troy lost her grace and glory 

Poem – Exodus 

Flight of the reason and values
left our cultures sterile

and brains barren: 

a proven PERILE that takes

man into wilderness.
The evil temptations

(like a gentle breeze) 

luring the minds, and carry

souls to the Pluto’s shrine. 

The innocence of man 

has transformed into iniquity, 

that digitising his pure romance

(once was in Nature’s trance) 
From Buddha to Jesus

and from Nile to Olympus; 

the ‘VISION’ that always had enlightened the hearts, now

enthralled by Lucifer’s charms… 

Poem – Evolution 

Isn’t that inglorious
to deny the FACT that

‘we are fostering a devil inside’ 

And secretly abide

The villainous creed 

And adorn our evil deeds

And envenom the world around.

Let’s embrace

Those forgotten pages

Taught by the ancient sages

From Cro-Magnon to Homo-erectus

“We slaughtered our fellows and dined on their flesh”

Ah! We the Homo sapiens

A savage creature

Evolved through ages, 

Veiling our ignorance

In words rhymed in rhythm

And dress our nudity

In Gucci, Lacoste, Armani and jack n Jones

Ah! the truth hardly known. 

Poem – Demons Reign

This havoc of the century new, burns 

my wondering eyes; and

slowly taking on all the glamour of alluring life, 

but still i host resistance from the glutton bellies: 

often they babbling sillily.
I pass and pause, but 

two steps forward drag me miles bak, 

Ah! no asylum in retreat.

How can i wipe off 

my (teary) eyes with hollow smiles? 
behold! the golden sky turning dark 

and dyes heaven; and the demons reign

begins, that incessantly showers 

fortunes false, upon the wrecked hearts, 

immersed in dark. 

Poem – Da Vinci Code

This life is full of 
tittering jeering emptiness 

and unacceptable too,  

so I painted myself like a Hero: 

no less than the Marvel’s One.

A holy spirit I framed this myself 

and started moving along

the silent winds, to climb

the flirting stars and was

singing Milton’s songs.


Wearing white 

in that dark cold night,  

my flight in the falling mist 

was full of horror and fright, 

and when I past the worldly time- 

that measures the melting hours- 

down I saw glares and glows unknown, 

and heard thousands of filthy groans,  

which left my reason 

numbed and vision blind.


A high treason it would be  

in the seventh sky, as I got to know

that MAN is a fleck of dust, 

but worthy more than the ten commandments, 

and sacred like the Da Vinci code… 

Oh come on K 

WTH you’re talking?  

it’s too boring, isn’t. 

let’s have some drink and 

a little nap instead.  

Poem – D’ Wine

Mistaken by the subsequent races
The STORY of god and His traces; 

From Solon to Solomon, and

from Moses to Marx, and of course, 

From necromancy to theocracy.

How can He only be a Semitic, 

and mute in Gallic and in Attic? 

THESE are nothing but fancies, and

an aura of Romance, that brought

humanity in trance, to cease their peace and

Freedom with an uncertain attitude; 

And fool the Mortals as a child.
How graciously marked by a Renaissance`s soul, that

there is no sin but ignorance, and

count religion but a childish toy.

Isnt THIS a fable or old wives tales? 

Priest, monk, Saint, cleric and rabbi

These are but heralds of heaven and hell, 

Claimed to be revealed with

scriptures sealed, that deluded

the truth that was ‘cognate’ to man.

The mysteries of life and death

Of good and evil, Of heaven and hell, 

Aren`t illusions and mantal repressions? 

That viciously drafted to hail their worldly vision. 

Poem – Contemporary Verse

My contemporary verses 
need not to make any sense, 

nor map

any heart’s feelings or aesthetic worth.

May be these unrhymed sounds

reflect Oxymoron and Enjambment, 

and(perhaps) no metaphor at all.

and possibly full of nonsense: weird 

And must not hoity – toity.
I don’t care

If my verses (contemporáneo) 

twitch and fret

Your poesy sense 

Or fail

to elate your sabiduría.(once it supposed to) 

And behold! 

it’s all personal narración: 

may terribly please you


Leave you pissed. 

Poem – Come Close

Come close, 
and look into my eyes

Scan my soul and soothe

my fear and cries.

How could I savour a life`s boon, 

As been fooled 

like Delilah’s groom.So

lured my fancies and verses undone, 

like Samson, in the temple of Dagon.
Wrinkled, wane and wailing 

Desolate, distress and have been ailing, 

Dream of days; 

spent with you, 

when sorrows hewed and joys grew, 

with the rising sun till the evening dew, 

wandering far hand in hand and 

never adieu. 

Ah! Soon my soul is ceased to be

Wish thy mercy 

have on me. 

Poem – Lost Paradise

Can’t you see my strong pulsation? 
Beating in persuasion

And longing for for lost




Thy pride

A sweet loving bride, 

My swollen breast and rosy cheeks

Coral lips and hazel eyes

And a fairy’s charm

Ah! Sank and


By a stroke of fate 

Lost my faith, in love, in care, 

And now I host a never ending fear.

Don’t know how and why

Like a fallen angel

Cast off the sky.


Thou art gone 

And I have nothing 

But few solemn tears 

and leading steps to doom

for my love and for my groom. 

Xelam Kan

Poem – Lost in Love 

Did you hear a rhythm divine? 
That was tuned in the forsaken shrine, 

so was that bashful virgin

Dressed in a pure blue and white linen.
Come and listen to her rhymes

in a sad, foreign tune-yet sublime-

sings a story in a plaintive tone

try to sooth herself but in vain.
Might she had a misfortune past

That ignited her passion and seized her heart.

look! her pair of blue eyes, 

Yielding nothing but tears in prize.
Though I passed her silently

Yet it stirred my thoughts violently. 

Poem – Live Life

love, that dwells
in you as fragrance or tears 

in eyes, 

and it comes only when you 

gets hurt and forlorn, but this loneliness

sometimes feels good but never feels right.
This heart only be filled with unforgotten

moments of pleasure and pain: 

love and not to be loved? or

to be and not to be…

(then WTH my heart swarmed with, 

that smeared all the beauties around) .
We all are here my dears 

to laugh at the odds and 

never complain, and should 

live our lives, 

as to ponder even a Death, 

if it dare to take us. 

Poem – Rose Petals 

The darkness is drifting slowly away
and made her alarmed in sleep

and dismay.

Dreams that made her charms

more radiant, 

But now melted it as mist at day.
It’s a miserable poignancy 

That reflects a lover`s tendency

And can only be rejoiced

If it blessed as a beloved choice.
Ah! How hypnotic was that scene

That amused my heart serene, 

When her dazzling smile

Caused a dimple sweet for a while.
Let my heart be bloomed

in your love, 

With those bosom peaks and rosy cheeks; 

to hold them close

As petals of rose. 

Poem – Rise of the Fallen

O forsaken and dejected but libertine souls! 

Tho`r beaten badly afore, 

And blessed with death on the farthest shores, 

But the world is not yet done

behold! the celestial bodies stick to their restless turns.
We are the souls, dare to challenge

The heavens’ heights-

And trampled all the fears and fright, 

Let’s stand and ride the rainbows, 

And stretch your wings

Beyond heavens and hells, 

And to roam in the skies.
And to seek salvation

-For those who`r condemned-

With our mighty swings.

Let’s wage a war of another Troy, 

To destroy

The deities and the demigods, 

And their pseudo reverence

That seduces our hearts, 
Stand united my fellow brethren! 

And pour out all

Your wrath, vengeance, insult and hate

And strain all your nerves, 

Unsheathe and raise your swords, spears and bows

And march to the heavens` gates……

The eternity belong to us

The Armageddon is just begun. 

Poem – Reasoning Dark 

suddenly my steps were halted by 
some whispering sobs, and saw some scattered petals

trodden on the ground, as 

kissed by frosty wind, that

had ravished its charm.

i asked: what ail thee, O bonny boon! 

she teared and sadly tuned: 

‘you humans claimed to be the only one; 

where god’s spirit dwells, 

And sent by Him to shun 

the Evil and the miseries of your fellow one; 

But instead you’r multiplying 

their agonies and frustrations, 

and call it your wild sensations.

O! you enemy of the righteousness; 

full of all deceit and villainy 

how dare you hoping for a heaven

if follow the will of Satan! 

‘prudent though you are

And foreseeth the Evil, but

the blindness of your heart

making your ‘reasoning’ dark. 

Poem – When Love Fails

when love fails, and 
utter silence prevails, 

so a swollen fear shrouds my nerves frail.

Why dreams of mine

on this Valentine eloped 

like morning dews.

Is my love really waned? 

will I not be blessed again

with that beguiled boon.
Ah! like the northern gale

that cherishes the southern springs; 

such are feelings been pushed 

into an unending frustration.

Ah! In her last embrace, i left 

my whole being: 

my sinking heart and fancies fair.
when love fails, 

it creates a world around

where rainbow drowns and darkness dawns, 

and the tears it brings are 

sweeter than smiles

and surely the music wiles…

  • – 

Poem – What is a Poem 

A euphony 
rhythmically composed; 

through fresh Similes, metaphors, and analogies, 

help readers to conjure hi- flown imageries, 

but stick to cadence 

like flowers to fragrance, 

and it emphasises 

the aesthetic nature of fellow pals

with some wild weird 

conceits, that would elate

our so-so speech, 

if it crafts in care; will surely

heal our untrue fears, 

like a gentle breeze of the westward wind, or

a Beethoven’s symphony; that enliven


Poem – Virgina Woolf: Her Last Words

I begin to hear the voices again, 
and I feel certain 

this darkness of times

and minds turns me insane.
I can’t fight any longer and

I am doing (what seemsthe best) –

the last Act of this life in vain, 

I am falling into a lasting sleep.
I owned all the happiness and joys

and can’t go on spoiling yours

anymore. Adieu my love, 

you could do better without me. 

Poem – Vere Homo

Be human, rather than divine 
living such life is truly a surprise. 
the world is for you, and

seek your worth and prize
what intoxicates our minds, are

the stories of doom and demise, 
so with these false theologies 

let’s unbind our trade and ties.
In search of god(s) 

don’t stare at the skies
just intuit (for awhile) and

feels others’ agonies and cries. 

Poem – Celtic Islands

i am naïve 
to this part of the world

but my fancies often here 

roam and love her mysteries sore.

Like a blue vase of white roses

dripped in the morning mist

i see an Irish ghost

dancing in the breeze.

Here the darkness steals

the light’s charm and icy winds 

hum the Celtic tunes, and bring

the golden fairies down, to play

hide and seek in the misty woods 

and kiss the snowy lakes and

laugh and sing.

Such is the charm, that’s loosed

upon this enchanting land

and surely lulls my frantic fears 

stiffened by nightmares, 

and fill my days 

full of praise… 

Poem – Castaway 

Can’t you see my strong pulsation? 
Beating in persuasion

And longing for for lost




Thy pride

A sweet loving bride, 

My swollen breast and rosy cheeks

Coral lips and hazel eyes

And a fairy’s charm

Ah! Sank and


By a stroke of fate 

Lost my faith, in love, in care, 

And now I host a never ending fear.

Don’t know how and why

Like a fallen angel

Cast off the sky.


Thou art gone 

And I have nothing 

But few solemn tears 

and leading steps to doom

for my love and for my groom. 

Poem – Candle in the Wind

In a dark gloomy night
And the around was blessed with fear and fright

Rain, lightning and thunder storm

snatched away the sweet night`s charm
A child of ten and two

Was dressed in red and blue

Lapped by a mother tight and close

A last hug of her dear son, she knows.’

In her tender but shivering arms, 

Try to make him calm.
Her love Faith and tears

All were melting in despair

Helpless to ease her child`s pain

She prayed but all in vain.

The mother was sure

That her son`s curse will never be cured

And he will never see and hear

The next rising sun and the morning cheers.
In his meek broken voice

The boy stated last his choice

‘But why heaven cursed me so? 

Like storm engulfs an exhausted dove

Did I do any wrong that much? ‘

That spared my soul for devil`s touch? ‘
‘I just followed the butterflies

And echoed the singing birds cries

Wandered around the daffodils and lilies

And was friendly with every living species

Loved the colors of rainbow

And always versed in a gentle lingo, ‘

Then why my cursed not ceased? 

Deprived from all fun and feast’
Ah! His poor broken heart mother

Kissed him hard and Burst into tears

‘O heaven send thy mercy

Spare my child from such harsh tendency

He is just two and ten

And never did any sin.

My heart is bleeding

And you’re even not heeding

Bless his soul and ease his dying breaths

Be kind O lord! In these hours of death. 

Poem – Bright Star 

Ye unblessed being; 
Born in despair, 

Afore blooming fully 

Was eclipsed by death cruelly.
Though had a little past in poesy Art 

Yet Great and Grand, ceased to be lost 

Ah! Grief came to you as luxury 

Indeed ‘beauty dwells with melancholy’
You’re wrong when you stated 

‘My name was write in water’ 

Behold! Like a Polar Star at night 

That Make sensations dark, illuminated.
A Dime-god of a sensuous claimed; 

Bereaved, bereft and lost. 

Words those you sweetly glossed 

Mistook by many and harshly exclaimed.
Your sweetly tuned phrases 

Are symbol of high Romance 

That brings every soul in trance 

And halt thousand gazes.
An ardent lover and a true Romantic 

You are termed 

As Sappho of modern times 

How enchanting and enthralling are yours rhymes. 

Poem – Bride of the Sky 

Go away and veil in clouds

lovely bride of the sky, 

thy wakening light hovering high

and sweetly rhyme a carol that

wings my fancies and passions ignite.
Oh thy lofty look is needed no more

as my love phrased me bye; 

Ah once she had me closed and ceased

all my wit and wild temper, 

and when I sealed my face on her bosom, 

ah squeezed her charm 

and fragrant blossom.
O bride of the sky! 

Don’t you see my woes and cries? 

where is she, my love, my Helen of Troy? 

O! Heavenly symbol of love and purity 

lead my broken lines to maturity, and

bless me in love and serenity. 

Poem – Born to Die

In a white night
After a dark day, 

I was jogging around the busy streets. 

When got a glance. Of stale

and weary creature: 

Bare footed and dressed

in tattered threads.

Dirt shrouded his white stinky skin

That hosted dust and flies’ wings, 

Had chapped lips and sore eyes.

For an onlooker he was: 

A walking dead.

(Was ripped off by mercy of an angry god) 
For him life is nothing but

wound uncured.Like a bird 

engulfed by storm or a butterfly: 

for a child’s charm.

So was he: fettered and bound.

A roving vagabonds. 

(pity that mocks our handicapped world) 

In response to my childish quarries.

He smiled and voiced: 

Our life story ends in words two: 

‘Born to die’

(An irony of the cultured being) 

Poem – Knocked Out

Blame me not, as 
i’m knocked out by 

my fancies false, 
those utter incessantly 

from abyss, 

and tune a noisy chant, 
and poisoning this broad 

earth. I dream of a morrow 

to see a new world.
I, in this endless journey, 

am suffering but

not yet done. 
So don’t piss me off, 

let me trade my anguish

first, then will rest awhile. 

Poem – Late Night Vision

In a half-moon night, 
a noiseless, chilling wind horribly tuned: the hymn of Nyx.

The tiny, little, bright spheres, some static and 

some were floating in the air; hyped and

played hide and seek with the roaming clouds, 

the view was in the lap of mystery, 

causing lot of misery; so, 

sleepless, I lay on my couch and 

was counting the tickling sounds of the silent hours.

And like a disillusioned romantic, tried to seek-a loved one- 

in my conceits, to share my loneliness and growing boredom.

but, the pending horrors (of night) hail 

my fears, and cease my pen to paint my dreams 

upon the twinkling sky; 

and dimly i heard a voice, saying: 

‘you’r strong but wrong, 

Don’t revere your stinky thoughts, worthless they as old wives tale.

behold! those clouds that may not shower any rain, but (at least) 

will color your sunset sky, so, 

sing your dreams, you are not done yet. 

Poem – Peace Be Upon 

peace, an unbaptised hope; 
made off in furtive manner

‘the Father’s land’.

And left behind curse and chaos 

that leads to 

havoc and harm.
‘i was waiting to see

thy journey end, 

and welcome you back, 

but found you as…

a mirage 

that feeds 

on the masses’ ignorance. And

an ‘irreducible complexity’

these petty prejudices are.’
such is my land: 

bruised by filthy ‘norms’

like a tender skin 

when touch by winter’s wind, 

and sweep away 

her fairness and charm.

Poem – Soul of the Age

‘Art’ flies, and ‘Form’ in exile mourns.

i sing to the critics (beg their awful silence and inquires to craft ‘sublime’ and fill that vacant space) 


body of poesy has changed various forms: 

And so its norms, 

i pray to the heaven: 

to inspire my words with gentle heat; 

that could turns the muses

to dance.

I (the poet) 

speak only truth

and avoid ridiculous ‘rant’

but this Art is now

‘a slower way being dead’

By poorly phrasing

such unheard rhymes

that batters and mocks

soul of the age, 

and bless nothing but rage.