Endangered Species – Rohit singh

Everyone wants the best for themselves.

Society and religion decides for you, 

What’s best.
In the same society and religion, 

Conflict of desires is a must.
Secret of survival is in not your brain, 

Its diversity, which the nature gave us.
The moment we found out, 

There are more like us.

We started regimentation through, 

Civilization, globalization and education.
If they succeed, there will be, 

A single civilization called civilized people, 

But it’s just a name, it doesn’t mean anything, 

Just like the people they represent.
A single religion called science and technology.

Which says there is no morality, 

People only do right things unless they get in trouble.

There will be no heroes, only good business men, 

Who calculates his profits even before being kind.

Isn’t this species already endangered? 

Most of us have already been dead, 

We are just waiting for the bodies to drop. 

Curiosity – Rohit Singh

Does height, ever madeBirds scared? ? 
Do fishes get scared of water, sometimes? ? 
Do droplets not think about, 

Getting vaporized in sun? ? 
What does water do, 

When it gets thirsty? ? 
How does the shadow of light look like? ? 
How does silence, 

Sounds like? ? 
Why does silence scream so loud? 
Why do trees not run, 

When there is a fire in the jungle? ? 
When will the sun come, 

To collect his debt? ? 
Why does moon borrow light from, 

The sun to light up, our nights? ? 
How can rivers be so determined, 

To fulfill their destiny? ? 
Mountains, do they even know, 

How many people, live off them? ? 
When will wind be tired? ? 
Why does light waste its time

By going to a blind man? ? 
Does time, have a master plan, 

Of unequal distribution? ? 
Does education, have the knowledge that, 

It’s being used only for money? ? 
How sad do stars get, 

When they don’t see us at night? ? 
Is death laughing or feeling disrespected, 

After finding out that people are more afraid of

“What others will say” than her? ? 
Is law not getting depressed, 

Serving the very same people, 

It wants to punish? ? 

Blind Man – Rohit Singh

I saw a blind man, today.

He was trembling on his way.

There, standing.

I started wondering.

I wanted to help him as much as I can.

But how much can I really help that old man? 

I am using all that I have and all that I can get, 

For my life to be set, 

But I am nowhere near to getting that done.

And I am still looking at the sun.
Even if I work all my life, 

I am not sure enough that, 

I can solve his strife.
But there are some, 

Who don’t need to pay to live.

You know where they are from! ! ! 

There they can’t even see any blind man’s strife, 

In their whole life. 

Running Track – Rohit Singh 

It’s an overcrowded running track, 

We are on. 

Need to keep running, 

Faster than the one, right behind you. 

Or he will run over you. 

And will clear his conscience, 

By saying it, competition. 

Will be recognized as a winner, 

Holding up the cup and the glory. 
But he will know what he did. 

And will be all alone, 

With his deed.

Voices In My Head – Rohit Singh 

The voices in my head, 

Never go to bed. 
The memory streams, 

Just screams and screams. 

It laughs at my dreams. 

Reminds me of all sins, 

And never talks of my wins. 
All of my secrets 

Are known to it, 

And trying to drown me, 

In my own regret pit. 
I try to run and hide 

But it’s not possible. 

Since, I am the one, 

In which it resides.

Child And Man – Rohit Singh 

When I was a child, 

I used to close my eyes, 

When I saw something scary. 

Or ran away when, 

There was a problem. 
Neither they tried to, 

Take my hands off of my eyes, 

Nor they chased me when I ran. 
Now, I am a young man. 

I try to close my eyes, 

When I see something scary, 

But now they try to take, 

My hands off of my eyes, 

And I ran if there is a problem, 

But now they chase me. 
So, I learned to fight back, 

Fight back the fear, 

That compelled me to, 

Close my eyes. 

Fight back the thought, 

That chased me all around. 
I see the devil no more. 

I guess all it takes is a little courage, 

To not let your eyes get closed.

A New Day – Rohit Singh

When a day starts and sun rises, 

Nature gets excited, 

To plan a new day, as decided. 
But when we see a rising sun, in the east. 

We need to ask this at least. 

Is this really a new day or new days are deceased? 
Because we see ourselves going round and round 

Doing same things everyday, like we got bound. 

Now sun rises everyday but a new day is nowhere to be found. 
Dates are changing but not the day. 

We are getting older and older, living the same way. 

We have got life span of many years as they say. 

I don’t know if that’s true but I can only pray.

Collar Chain – Rohit Singh 

Have you seen a pet, 

Chained in a collar chain? ? 
He gets to live the most of his life 

In a planet of radius, equal to 

That collar chain. 
Beyond that, he sees it all 

And wish to experience those things. 

But that’s possible only on the mercy of his master. 
How much is our life different from that pet? ? 

We all are chained in our own chain of systems. 
But we got one thing better than that pet 

To be happy about. 

Bigger planet.

Last Breathe – Rohit singh

If you are breathing, 

Then death is the most certain thing, 

That can ever happen to you. 
Death is the only, 

Perfect creation of the almighty. 
After showing us all of his creations, 

He unveils his master piece. 

Our journey always ends with it. 
We don’t know, 

Which breathe of ours, 

Is going to be the last one. 

But still while breathing, 

We take the next breath for granted.