An Urgent Poem – Pavol Janik

Ceaselessly you enter my mind 

like an urgent poem 

to dispute fixed views on life 

and change accepted images of the word. 

Unstoppably you come 

to electrify 

the unshakeable conviction 

that a man is a self-sufficient being. 

Thus we always live unthinkingly together, 

and far from one another 

in our two-in-one dream. 

Always you enter my mind 

when I’m woken from sleep by air raids 

of themes, images and pictures of poetry. 

And thus I know that everything belongs indivisibly to ourselves 

just as we do to each other. 

This is the urgent poem, 

whose point you force me to keep silent 

like a secret, 

where there’s no place for another 

and which can exist completely without words 

and other witnesses. 

Name – Pavol Janik 

By just a point 

you surpass successful fortune. 

By just a drop 

you outdo sparkle. 

By sobbing 

you surmount aquarelle. 

You spread pollen. 

We put our faces to yours 

as to a flower’s corolla 

weary of so much circumstance. 

You’ll gain a name from us, 

which you’ll consider as your own. 

Unsent Telegram – Pavol Janik 

Inside me a little bit of 

a blue Christmas begins. 

In the hotel room it’s snowing 

a misty scent – of your 

endlessly distant perfume. 

We’re declining bodily 

while in us the price 

of night calls rises, 

waves of private earth tremors 

and the limits of an ocean of blood 

on the curve of a lonely coast. 

Night Bus – Pavol Janik 

I admire the smiles 

of the wax figures 

and the drunks. 

Their faith. 

Their humility. 

Their precision. 

Their infallible wisdom 

determined by the office of normalization. 

I admire 

their wallpapered souls 

full of light and brocade. 

Their responsibility and legality 


the price of taxis and wine. 

I’m terrified by the indifference 

with which they listen 

to the heavy breathing of the last trolley buses.