Poem – Dirty Game

Blaring voice and strong signal came
Message from boy aging 9 for playing game
What game early in the morning dear son?
My uncle/auntie has wished you chase and run

You are so small and playing on somebody’s behalf, I said
“Not thinking of even your better half
You are supporting your poems on other’s name
For getting good name and earn the fame” he said

Is it not good to have many members in family?
Who has suggested you to ask the questions silly? I questioned
He was tutored to speak the language of mature
We can think at the age of nine what he has the future

This is how people are let loose and make messages
Is it the only way to find the top passage?
Why not they choose creative path and best usage?
Whole life will be wasted with the advancement of age

I have faced the bitter test of language
Unusual methods worth throwing in garbage
Still they claim the custodian of heritage?
Have they not gone berserk and mentally enraged?

Let this poem hunter be only hunting ground
New talents with innovative ideas should be found
Scrap or throw them who have nothing to offer
Let there be thousands of ideas and thoughts to differ

They have easy access to bio dates and inlet
It will be their Endeavour not anybody to let
What is here to gain and loose?
Path is open for them to go or choose?

Nothing will emerge except dirt and mud
It is utter nonsense and not at all good
Let there be discontinuance of grading system
Only entry with poems and wait for response esteem

Poem – Good Bye

It is time to say good bye,
amidst small gathering and cry,
Soul to depart from body and fly,
No one knows where and why?

Always stayed among kith and kin
Struggled hard though not very keen
So much load on solder as it had always been
So many odds against but clear path seen

Kept all flocks under shed and together
Waging a struggle and not thought to bother
Continued to strive very hard and survived
Explored all possible means and revived

Lived life to the extent possible,
Made it easy though looked impossible,
Discharged obligations to the last end,
Sensed eternal signals which were send,

Many things were done and remained undone,
Received acclaim from friends as well done,
Considered life as meaningful and good mission,
No doubts ever occurred as matter of question

Will my work remain not to be in time finished?
Chances are not bright and seems to be diminished
though life remained fulfilled and has no regret,
it’s time to sleep peacefully and rest to forget,

Will my living not be exemplary and remembered?
Ideas may soon be forgotten and pushed in corner
This may take place or happen later or sooner,
It is a lesson for the learner or beginner

I may have not lived up to the expectations,
May have many emissions and omissions,
Might have not yielded to the submissions,
But always have resisted the temptations

Ambition and desire may remain always a concern
Attempt to disassociate will be a lesson to learn
Sun always shined and brought ray of hope,
Descending was easy even in high slopes

it gives enough joy And contentment
Life seems to be a mission for fulfillment
Might have faced rough weather sometimes
Everybody in life faces good or bad times

Eyes are filled with joy and unhappiness
When you became familiar with closeness
It was happy union but soon to come to an end
You had to leave everybody including friends

It is not easy to forget log association
Either in service, circle or with family
Sometimes we might have acted silly
But it would have been atmosphere homely

It is tearful and sad departure
You may feel end in near future
It is simple law of nature
Just get top of it and be sure

Final journey to bid farewell and bye,
Not enough time to say even lie,
Permanent position to find and go,
Leaving behind memories and forgo

Poem – Dark Horse

I I have proved and stayed as dark horse
Nobody would come to know without code Morse
People disregard me and pass the curse
Always non starter and unavailable force

I have earned disrepute and considered as unreliable
Still try to garner support and prove capable
Never waste a time for second or minute
Keep watch on all and observe it minutely

Play game safe and advance self interest
Try to extract more and achieve the best
Everything at command without passing test
Achievement of the goal without any rest

All for self betterment and not for social cause
No let up in work and continue without pause
This all becomes necessary in changing world
I know naked truth then why people turn cold?

This is selfish world and you should stay supreme
Play safe and never go to the end extreme
I may prove incompetence if not seize the opportunity
Life comes to a halt if not keep continuity,

People have a soft corner and very short memory
Go for bright glitter and never feel sorry
Worship rising sun and look not at sunset
Life should be at height and ambition preset

All eyes are on achievement and conceding defeat
Success story should emerge even making repeat
People fall in line and not mind treachery
Offer all the help even they feel jittery

Neither I am claiming nor proving hollow
System so prevalent I piously follow
Not offer chance or slight mistake to allow
People know better what is lying below

I want to achieve and rise above average
Glory and name should have wide coverage
All might say what is there in name
It doesn’t follow without playing game

I continuously strive after hard bargain
Doesn’t matter more whether loss or gain
Nothing comes in life without taking pain
Simple truth should be followed as it is plain

Poem – Marriage

Age old saying about marriage,
Sacred bonding and not carriage,
It is not freedom from cage,
Necessarily arising with completion of age,

No one thought of its sanity,
What are marriage and its utility?
Does that stand for population continuity?
Permanent bond and relation in amity,

New relations with two families union,
End of sour relation and exit form oblivion,
Finding perfect match as true companion,
With gala dance and lavish dishes in pavilion,

So long confined within limits, can be perfect,
Enhancing prestige and image with great impact,
Adding to civility with understanding and respect,
Surely it is an arrangement and not a pact,

Lavish spending is not necessarily,
Simple marriage with blessings happily,
Out of reach expenditure will be simply silly,
Not a wise steps but committing folly,

Parent may suffer on account of marriage,
Colossal waste of money can’t manage,
Adding to worry with heavy burden,
Pressure may be high to tackle it sudden,

With over of ceremony no more worry,
Calm all over and nothing to hurry,
Simple way of parting beloved one,
Sharing of joy but pain by none

Poem – Dead Nights

Dark clouds run to cover sun’s face,
With sparkling lights to join the race,
Descending on earth with malign intent,
Fear, destruction all with dreaded content,

Pin dropp silence in midst of night,
Not a ray of hope or slight light,
Little scuffle or fierce fight,
All noticed with powerful sight,

Dead night represent people pessimist,
No hope of revival as done by optimist,
Passim is t wait for ship to be sunk,
Optimist tries to drag even if drunk,

One remains always awake
Even nothing is at stake,
Person with controlled wishes,
Even water is disturbed with movement of fishes,

Holy soul departs at mid night,
Path is set with precision and right,
Evil doer’s absence may not be missed,
Good and light will always be noticed,

Nights represent bleak future and gloom,
Even flowers feel shame and not boom,
All wrong doings done at night,
People may thin it is path right,

Night is not all that bad,
Proper time to remain calm and sad,
All energy to cool and find some rest,
Preparation for next day’s fight for best,

Poem – Humble project

You are no exception
It is relation
That makes high with elevation
It is family tradition

More you grow
Less you show
As females are always exemplary
And we need to make them no sorry

Still we are in primitive stage
And not acting as per an age
We still bring their pride down
And always keep eyes frown

Why not we realize?
And size
Their participation
In activities of nation

Give them full active part
And let us start
One humble project
Accept this fact

A Beautiful Days End – Hasmukh   Amathalal 

Yes beautiful days end 

with close vicinity of friend 

a good day or bad day 

he will show us the way 
life may still move on 

it may lay intact or torn 

you may claim it as won 

it is heavier than ton 
what is sun rise and set? 

It may be nice I bet 

Take it not by chance 

see it through and have a glance 
Nothing remains permanent 

No one should curse it or lament 

It must be enjoyed at proper place 

We should always have smiling face 
Leave everything not to fate 

You will be unfortunate and late 

Love all and don’t try to hate 

Put your views clearly and state 
Who may not want lovely company? 

Why all are eager to stay and accompany? 

What is real secret and eagerness behind? 

We must earnestly seek and find

A Birth And Death – Hasmukh Amathalal

Several deaths in single birth and death cycle 

all religious books speak the same including Bible 

who can deny the existence death probability 

that has been made permanently the continuity 
Human beings are always guided by emotions 

they emerge in the form of innumerable questions 

it may strike as everything is at stake for the future 

life is uncertain and nothing can be taken for sure 
This leads to imagination as how the life would shape 

life would move on smoothly or prove as trap 

at every stage it may appear as if the end of journey 

you may feel very poor even after having enough of money 
No one may comfortably say that he is not afraid of death 

he may not be in position to proclaim he is weary of wealth 

he too may say falsely that he can withstand any type of wrath 

he can do all with the simple reason that he does not believe in faith 
It has been clearly laid down that death is complete surety 

it has to be faced by child, poor, rich or even mighty 

it is of no use to loose the ground at every stage 

it may be countered if life at every page 
Birth is reality and we have been ushered in new world 

the life may be shaped by others who will continue to hold 

all cards and bring us up in the realistic atmosphere 

even though it is full of challenge, agony, pain and fear 
it is realized and understood that life can’t be brought to an end 

we have to adjust to the scenario with little or some amends 

how could one thing of bringing it to stage of collapse? 

even if he has to face so much hardship and remain tense 
It is not bead of roses that you may be heavenly gifted 

it is sheer your efforts that may help the standard to be lifted 

not all may be lucky to survive the onslaught of fate 

some may get the fortune early of life or very late 
It is futile to think of death at every moment 

you should not fall prey to defeatist tendency or movement 

when we know that life is destined for something new 

you have to make concerted efforts and renew 
One one birth and one death in complete life span 

no second thought or idea must work as plan 

it will be cowards death every time 

this is drawback and will be considered as biggest crime

A Bad Dream – Hasmukh Amathalal

I hastily stepped out from bed to ponder over 

It was bad dream and I started to find cover 

It made me restless and compelled to wonder 

I rubbed the eyes and regained composure however 
It happens many times when you are seized with work 

So many times you may trying to avoid or shirt 

It does not relieve you from burden and chain of thoughts invade 

The memory is fast recycling and not easily fades 
It is human mind that works as super computer 

It adjusts very fast and compels the situation to alter 

It argues in favor and against in protective manner 

It keeps hope alive and does not make chance thinner 
Dreams are in fact a safe refuge or heaven 

We are the king and also beautiful queen 

The whole set up revolves around and make us proud 

Your voice is heard clear and loud 
It is replica of sound and healthy mind 

We have enough space to find 

We can have level field to play 

It keeps you linked and do not push away 
It is said that when person is gripped by fear 

He may not be in position to think or shed tears 

He will have no place to put his views 

The dreams may provide him enough time to review 
It is by product of active human psychology 

Mind does not rest even if raised in bogey 

It strikes back to find the reasonable solution 

It will not rest until finds out with strong resolution 
I think over endlessly over the state of mind 

It some times cry and try to act very kind 

If something wrong is done unintentionally 

It will try to satisfy logic by reasons finally 
It is right application at right moment 

It does not disturb the normal movement 

The ups and down may force to think 

But the stable mind may not allow to sink 
The unstable mind sometimes pushed person to brink 

He may loose the power to balance and properly to think 

It is progressive thoughts that come to the rescue 

This is considered as positive step and may be had by only few 
So the dreams are healthy sign of mental order 

It takes active part and always ready at border 

The slight palpitation may push it to strong action 

It will be sound and positive reaction 
It is always good to sleep without any tension 

The mind may be occupied with lots of questions 

Still it is wroth try to be worry free 

It is nice idea for all of us to agree

 A Bad Feeling – Hasmukh Amathalal 

You may be feeling very bad 

The heart may be filled and feeling very sad 

It has something to do with on going play 

We are bound to face something to stay 
What can be joy if there are no challenges? 

You come out of it and successfully manage? 

It is all about success down fall or success story 

We sometimes go down with anxiety and worry 
Both sides are necessary and are relevant 

They may invite adverse and favorable comment 

We may cry and at the same time laugh it out 

The life is full of extremes and can termed as all about 
I wish to cry 

But then ask why? 

Why I run away and feel shy? 

W must stick on, face and try 
You love to stay in fray 

It may not push you away 

It has heavy substance to pull you near 

It may frighten but remove your fear

A Attempt To Lie -Hasmukh Amathalal

It did not pinch me when I attempted to lie 

It never occurred to mind and raised the question, why?

I had no symptoms of feeling shy 

It was desperate but worth try 
I was seized with lot of worries 

I was unable to live with ease 

There was enough of guilt to release 

I did not correct myself and allowed the opportunity to miss 
Was it going to remain as one time affair? 

I did not consider it proper and fair 

I knew one day I will be called liar 

People may disregard and cut satire 
I knew it from the beginning very well 

The sky was not going to fall or let loose the hell 

I was trying to escape momentary set back 

Had I not gone for it, it might have developed some cracks? 
I did it because it thought it right 

I didn’t want unnecessary fight 

I could sense the darkness in light 

I knew it was deviation but only slight 
“You tell he untruth” if it helps the cause 

Not enough truth behind it because 

It gives rise to unethical behavior 

You can’t act as somebody’s savior 
The lie may remain lie and wrong a wrong 

You can’t clam credit for it and sing a song 

It is not wisdom or show of any intelligence 

It is draw back and some sort of negligence 
It must bite your conscience and inner thought 

At what cost some good result may be brought? 

It may sever momentarily some happiness 

Your soul may revolt and will not with cleanliness 
It varies from person to person 

There is no particular reason 

You may weigh pro and cons 

It is still business of none 

You may resent it later on 

The battle may be won 

The result may also yield 

You may feel desertion in field 
Not all brave people can perform this feat 

It requires some talent to beat 

You must be in position to catch on the heat 

Your eyes may not be in position to meet 
It is game and there is no win 

The unrest may be clearly seen 

Until you go and accept the guilt 

The inner peace can’t be built 
Practicise it when you feel it may cause damage 

Think of the consequences which you are unable to manage 

It has to be one time affair or in exceptional case 

It should not be made as practice or thought base

A Never Ending – Hasmukh Amathalal 

Life is never ending process 

It has no pause or recess 

It beats on in different form 

Constant changes with very good reform 
We have come to stay for short but for a long 

Nothing to gain but committing wrong 

Find no time for looking back and sum up 

It is too late to think and stop 
Who makes your life memorable and sweet? 

Lovely friends when they come and greet? 

Call on you and occasionally meet? 

You surge ahead with energy in feet 
Endless drive and non stop journey 

Sometimes bitterness and sometimes honey 

No mad race for treasure or money 

Even though it looks sometimes funny 
I wish to enjoy it at full length 

Though I may not have enough strength 

Is it not the strange wish for oasis water? 

After all what do we search after? 
I may have come across many hurdles 

Worries too might have come in bundles 

It is all over by the grace of God 

How should I express it in words? 
I must venture in no man’s land 

Sometimes I may find very good friends 

I wish I have some treasure to share 

I searched all over but found no where 
Life seems to me as no problem at all 

I take it as challenge and useful call 

What is use of crying over split milk? 

When there is no water even to drink 
It can be made worthwhile by staying positive 

No place for thinking destructive or negative 

It has to be accepted as destiny or fate 

Life is still worthwhile even if we start late

11.11.11 –  Hasmukh Amathalal 

11.11.2011 and not 11.11.11(1111) 
It was just hoax about eleven, eleven and eleven 

The figure was odd and not even”even” 

What was then so special to talk about? 

Why was it creating flutter and fought? 
It was thought of some brain product 

Just floated from mind for others to act 

Involve in figure magic with imagery show 

To show the people that universe had few hours to go 
Well it is not 11.11.1111 but 11.11.2011 

It had nice matching if had in raw all the elevens 

Funny calculation made about is figure of eight 

In both the counting it stands eight and right 

(11 11 1111=8, 11 11 2011=8) 
Other than this equation there is no coincidence 

It is just a hype created at once 

People go after making it as special 

Nothing comes as concrete reply or denial 
Not a sun, moon is coming in single line 

So it con be considered as holy or divine 

Some people feed it with religious fervor 

To claim it as gift from power as favor 
Person on death bed may speak no lies 

He is afraid of not inviting wrath as he dies 

So if we fear a lot about our extinction 

We must resolve and take pledge not to fuel the situation 
Live for some cause and render humanity service 

Make life little worthy with ordinary promises 

That at least one hungry man will be delivered with food 

This will not only satisfy noble soul and feel too good to

14Th  January – Hasmukh Amathalal 

14th   January is called here as Uttrayan 

Tilting of Sun from South to Uttar (North) 

The position of sun will alter 

The days from now onwards will be longer 
Sky will be full of kites 

The slogans will be chanted with full religious rites 

Whole population will be on roof top 

The kites will be flying non stop 
Billions of rupees will be spent on kites 

Many birds will loose their lives 

The loss of human lives too from free fall 

Religious fever with all advices to receive unheeded call 
It has witnessed age long tradition 

Old or young take part without any reservation 

Festival of great fervor with message and joy 

Open for all irrespective of anything to participate and enjoy 
Not in many parts but in some of the Indian parts it is known 

The Chinese are believed to be originator with tradition to own 

The favorable wind bring competition to the climax 

Complete holiday to spend the day with joy and relax 
The climate change is linked with the festival 

The spring also coincides with its arrival 

The winter may be losing its grip from here on 

The hard climate may soon be forgotten or gone

A Blood Relation – Hasmukh Amathalal 

They argue it as syndrome of blood relation 

Is it matter of convenience or though elevation? 

It is not difficult to understand in simple context 

We let it pass of ignorantly as mere pretext 
There is definite push and pull mechanism 

It is equally good to have bond in humanism 

It least somewhere we show some kind of attachment 

There is long list of hierachy and goes on as movement
There is restriction at each and every level 

It goes on and to develop and exceedingly marvel 

How loosely we remain to be connected in sphere 

It is always peaceful, harmonious and I healthy atmosphere 
How parents rear their children in responsible manner 

They may grow in full adulthood later or sooner 

There is complete love in the eyes of every member 

Proper care is taken in all the aspects and closely remembered 
Time and tide change with the advent or passage 

The strong bond or relation remains only message 

Everybody loves to remain under one shield 

Family as such remains one identity and only field 
Children unduly demand and expect something more 

They often enter into clash and go for the possibilities to explore 

Sometimes it turns into battle field and unruly scene is created 

Relation turn sour and all the niceties is cremated 
Brother to brother act as sworn enemy 

The relation goes on vane simply for money 

Parents watch helplessly and condemn the move 

They often curse the luck but unable to prove 
The entire relation hangs on bare thread 

No one bothers to understand or read 

Elders try for patch and plead 

Elders go in different direction and try to lead 
It is happening everywhere and no one is exception 

There is different dimension in relation since inception 

No one can claim free from any diversion or friction 

Still family bond remains as complete addiction 

Had there been complete transparency in relation? 

It should have excelled in all the direction 

Of late it has developed visible cracks 

The complete theory is thrown out of tracks 
The joint families are breaking and new concept takes over 

They try to limit their goals and don’t try to recover 

We remain only on name remain in blood relation 

There is always mistrust and does not sound well with indication 
Even close acquiesce turn into blood thirsty 

We can lament only and feel pity 

Though it remains still as strong bond with attachment 

All get united when it is felt for a moment

 Khushi Or Joy – Hasmukh Amathalal

I looked at her appearance first 

She seemed to be perfect soul as best 

‘She must be an artist’ I imagined 

The thoughts raced in chain 
She may not be quick in response 

May retort for want of no reasons 

I dared to approach for adding her as reader 

Possibly she may consent to it as silent bidder 
You are in my list 

Perfect choice to enlist 

What more about me? 

Writer of verses and style very free 
I was in jovial mood and elated 

My search for it was certainly related 

It is how we make friends for cause 

They may be ready there of course 
She said nothing but consented 

Appreciated approach and not resented 

This is how world and people come closer 

Feel warmth and get easily nearer 
Nice and beautiful females are centre of attraction 

They get alienated by our thoughtless actions 

Otherwise who may not want to be praised? 

Level of beyond reach is certainly raised 
I don’t know what poets are supposed to perform 

Read and write more to be in or out of form 

But one thing is sure to be taken note of 

They are worth to be taken along and make a laugh 
It is said there is no medicine to enhance life span 

You may depart at destined time even after full proof plan 

The depth and insight enhances the will power to survive 

Get back all lost energy and zeal to put in and vigorously survive 
I find favor with my style of functioning 

Their talent and achievement is worth mentioning 

So many may be shying away on gender base 

But it is worthwhile to probe their mind and chase