Poem – Within This Body 

Within this body

breathes the secret essence.

Within this body

beats the heart of the Vedas.
Within this body

shines the entire Universe,

so the saints say.
Hermits, ascetics, celibates —

all are lost

seeking Him

in endless guises.
Seers and sages perfectly parrot

the scriptures and holy books,

blinded by knowledge.
Their pilgrimage,

and fasting,

and striving

but delude.

Despite their perfect practice,

they discover no destination.
Only the saints

who know the body’s heart

have attained the Ultimate, O Tulsi.

Realize this, and you’ve found your freedom.
While teachers trapped in tradition

know only the mirage

in the mirror. 

Poem – Prayer 3

O Lord who is there besides You who will hear my cry?

Strange is my petition: a poor man, I, I seek to become a king…

From time immemorial I have suffered the tortures of hell and have lived through many low births, but I crave not for wealth or even salvation though I know that You can confer all these.

What I desire is to become in every birth a toy for You to play with or a stone to touch Your Feet.

Poem – Prayer 2

O Lord, let any one accept any sadhana, he is free to follow its pursuit.

But to me Your name is the granter of all boons.

Karma, upasana, jnana – the various paths outlined in the Vedas for the emancipation of the soul – all are good.

But I seek only one shelter and that is Your name; I seek nothing besides….

I have enjoyed the sweetness of Your name. It is the fulfiller of my wishes here and in the world to come…

A man may have his affection riveted anywhere as also his faith,

But I recognize my relationship with the Name – Rama; it is my father and mother.

I swear by Shankara and state the truth without hiding it,

That Tulsidas sees all good accruing to him only by repeating Your name.

Poem – Prayer 

Lord Rama! My honour is in Your hands.
You are the protector of the poor; I surrender myself at Your Feet.
I have heard of the sinners whom You have reclaimed.
I am an old sinner, pray extend Your loving hand and take me to Yourself.
To destroy the sins of the sinner, and to remove the ailments of the afflicted is Your occupation.
Grant me devotion to You, O Lord, and confer Your grace on me! 

Poem – Maya 

Up till now I have lost much and wasted life in idle pursuits.
The grace of Lord Rama has aroused me from sleep.
Awakened now, I shall not allow myself to be victimized by Maya (illusion).
I have gained the grace of the Lord’s Name. I shall hold it fast to my bosom and not let it from me for a second.
The beautiful form of the Lord I shall cherish in my mind.
Long has this world mocked me, making me a slave of the senses.
Now I shall have no more of it.
I am now a bee at my Lord’s Lotus Feet and shall not allow my mind to leave the enjoyment of their nectar for a moment. 

Poem – Doha 


Tulsi Tulsi sab kahe,Tulsi ban ki ghaas

Ho gayi kirpa Ram ki, to ban gaye Tulsidas’

‘Tulsi meethe bachan te sukh upjaat chahu or

Basikaran ek mantra hain pariharu bachan kathor’

‘Bina tej ke purush ki avshi avagya hoy

Aagi bujhe jyo raakh ki aap chuvay sab koy’

‘Tulsi saathi vipatti ke vidya vinay vivek

Sahas sukriti sustyavat, Ram bharose ek’

‘Kaam krodh mad lobh ki jou lou man mein khan

Tau lou Pandit moorkhou Tulsi ek saman’

‘Ram naam mani deep dharoo jih dehari dwar

Tulsi bheeter bahrao jo chahasi ujiyar’ 

Poem – Truth Lies Within – Goswami Tulsidas

Within the body lies the essence which the Vedas and the Puranas are seeking. 

Within this body exists the entire Universe, so the sagacious Saints say. 

Recluses, ascetics and monks are searching for Him in variegated garbs. 

Rishis, munis and avdhoots lay stress on scriptures and holy books. 

The learned of the world, puffed up with pride in their scholarly traditions, remain deluded by their erudition. 

They delude the world through the practice of pilgrimage, fasting and charity; 

They glorify bathing in holy waters and their gollowers bear the evil consequences. 

They get lost in rituals and external observances and never can reach the destination. 
Such is the state of people in this world 

Who keep revolving in the cycle of eighty-four. 

Only the Saints have attained the Ultimate, O Tulsi, 

They obtain liberation who realize this truth. 

The pedantic are engrossed in the practice of traditions, 

And evermore, in their ego, are they enslaved by delusion