Demon – Zachary Zuccaro

A transcendental being clothed in white
ascends the golden staircase
to a sea of glimmering glass.

Seven blue spheres orbit a marble pillar
where a silver goldfinch is perched
singing praises to the Lord.

The creature of light
walks to the pillar
and smashes the bird
in its fist.

Light turns to darkness
blood drips from the spheres
onto the sea.

Two monkeys rush in
and desperately begin to clean
the mess from the floor.

The creature sighs
and lies down
to rest.

Depression – Zachary Zuccaro

A gray cloud looms above the horizon,
darkening the blue skies.
A steady drizzle soaks the clothes
of a young boy and his wet hair
clings to his head as he sits alone
in a deserted park.

Tears blend with raindrops
emptiness echoes with thunder.
A forgotten a starving orphan
abandoned by the world
whimpers inside the girl
wearing a false smile
and pretending to enjoy life.

Rose – Zachary Zuccaro

Hello Rose, 
you mindless, 
who has been honored and praised 
through the entire history 
of human literature.

Are you really worthy
of all that flattery? 
Who would have thought
a flower whose stem 
is covered with thorns
would become the most commonly praised
flower in all of history? 

I am sorry dear Rose, 
but you do not compare
to the orchid, the violet, the marigold, 
the geranium or rhododendron.

You are selfish and arrogant
believing you are the best.
Even the dandelion has its charm, 
what makes you better than the rest? 

Yet who am I
to contest the greatest poets who have ever lived? 
Who am I to protest your overuse and abuse? 
You who have become cliche.

I protest. 

Butterfly – Zachary Zuccaro

The body serves as a caterpillar
to house the soul in its larval state
while maturing;
then the soul blossoms
like a butterfly
with power and beauty
far greater than the body could ever have.
A fluttering glory
transcending time and space,
a brilliant light blinking into existence
and exuding brilliance.

Body And Soul – Zachary Zuccaro

Witness all the beings who trivialize life
reduce their gift to perceptual concern
over insignificant frivalities.
Worried about their bodies and possessions
while neglecting their immortal soul.
Seeking power over mere molehills
while burying their true potential power;
attempting to gain unimportant knowledge
while ignoring buried treasures of wisdom.
Bodies controlling their lives
as they completely forget their true selves.

The soul is separate from the body,
no only are they separate – they are enemies.
What the soul needs the body protests,
what the body desire the soul detests.
Why should this opposition occur,
why should their desires not concur?
Well the soul and body have different needs
and to serve the one means to neglect the other.
Pain and hunger, thirst and knowledge
these are of the body
but joy and sorrow, anger and guilt,
love and wisdom are of the soul.
To search for food, to strive for wealth,
to benefit our bodies
means to feel envy and greed and to corrupt our souls,
but to give to the poor, and to fast and pray
feeds our souls but corrupts our bodies.

Timra Saath Hindne Lai – Sagar Saud

तिम्रा साथ हिड्नेलाई धेरै पछि देखे आज
त्यसैले त सम्झनामा एउटा गीत लेखे आज ।।

तिमीलाई देखे पछि उस्कै याद आयो मलाई
वेदनाले झर्ने आँशु गहभित्रै रोके आज ।।

उनी संग बोल्न नपाई विछोड मेरो भ’को थियो
उनी सम्झि तिम्रैसाथ सबै पीडा पोखे आज ।।

तिम्री साथी देखेपछि तिम्लाई भेटे जस्तै लाग्यो
अस्ताएको माया फेरि उदाएर बोके आज ।।

सम्झिएरै तिम्रो खेल्ने त्यही सुन्दर आँगनीलाई
तिम्रै नाममा एउटा सुन्दर फुल मैले रोपे आज ।।

Sirjana Lai Khoji Khoji – Komal Bhatta

सिर्जनालाई खोजी खोजी चोर्न थाले अचेल भरी
लुटाहारले लुट्दा जस्तै सोर्न थाले अचेल भरी

प्रस्तोता लाई हटाएर लाज र शरम पचाउँदै
आफ्नै नाम र ठेगाना पो कोर्न थाले अचेल भरी

दुनियाँका आँखा भित्र छारो हाल्दै पित्तलमा
सुनको जलप लगाएर मोर्न थाले अचेल भरी

नभन्दानि अचाक्लीभो भन्दा रिसले भुत्भुताउँदै
मित्रतालाई झर्ल्यामझुर्लुम फोर्न थाले अचेल भरी

नैतिकता र इमान्दारी रछान माथि मिर्काएर
सच्चा होइन झुट्टा नाता जोर्न थाले अचेल भरी

Nahinda Hai Maskiyera – Komal Shrestha Malla


नहिंड है मस्किएर कहिले पनि तिमी हजुर
सम्हालेर मनलाई मुटुभरी फूल हजुर..

बरालिनु हैन राम्रो बन तिमी मेरै हजुर
अंगअंग नशा नशा माया छरी डुल हजुर

फकाउनु फसाउनु आफ्नीलाई मात्रै हजुर
दुनियाको के कुरा माया संगै खुल हजुर

बाचा कसम विश्वासमा बचाउदै प्यार हजुर
आफ्नो भन्नु आफ्नै हुन्छ अरुलाई भूल हजुर