Lets Do It Again Baby – Aldo Kraas

Lets do it again baby
Because I need
To prove 
My love to you
And I want to show
What love is 

Baby My Heart – Peter S. Quinn

Baby my heart is still with you
Every night and every day
Beyond the stars and deep sea blue
I’ll be there finding our way
Summer will come in colors shine
Into the dawn and the bright
Every true shading will be fine
Till there again comes the night

You and I and the blue skies
With everything outside to come
Flowery bouquets in their surprise
With what comes to us there from? 
Right or wrong whatever it is
Feelings we gave from the inside
All what’s here and we miss
Whenever our feelings would hide

Baby my heart feel the beat I give
Just as long as I can do so
There is this feeling worthy to live
Because its importance it’ll show
Everything is leaving forever stuck
Into the drafting’s of ways
If love hasn’t got it its out of luck
Forever in oblivion’s dim haze 

Baby – Dan Brown

You lie there
in all your glory.
Looking at me.
You smile at me.
Don’t you know
my heart screams
in anguish,
and confusion,
when I look at you?
I love you eternally.
But I hate you equally.
You’re everything I want.
You’re everything I can’t have.
You’re everything I won’t allow myself.
I want to drown myself in those big, blue eyes
that look up at me so dependently.
Instead, I must drown myself in the pain
that washes over me repeatedly.
You start to cry and
I kiss your forehead.
My single tear meets with your thousands,
and is lost forever as I put you to bed.