Stolen Kiss – David Harris

The waters rippled on an incoming tide
The shimmering finger of the moon
Danced on the small waves
A hiss of rolling stones broke the silence
As waves invaded and retreated on the shore
They walked oblivious to it all
The silent whispers from their eyes
Told the age old story
As they strolled beneath the heavens
With its millions of eyes
No voices broke the stillness
Of their evening bliss
The smiles etched on their faces
Only spoke of a stolen kiss

That One Kiss – Ernestine Northover

With wide open eyes, she looked at me,
And climbing up, upon my knee,
Gave me a kiss, which touched my heart
And launched a pain, as if a dart
Had entered my old ageing soul,
And found therein it’s final goal!

She smiled and all the joy was mine,
A million stars shone by design,
And twinkled, my whole body, through,
Filling my being with life anew.
With that one kiss, we were as one
Together. Our lives had just begun.