Beauty In Nature – Arti Chopra

Theres a poem in every flower,
a sonnet in every tree,
a tale in every lifetime
its just for you to see…

theres a lyric in every brook
as it rushes over rocks,
theres an ode in every nuance,
as loves wonder unlocks,

theres rhythm in every sound,
every beating of a heart,
theres poetry in every union
and every couple who are apart

and just as there is wonder
in every new life created
there is sadness and regret,
for the unsaid and unfeted

just listen for the music
that your ears cannot hear,
just strain yourself for the melody
thats so far and yet so near

the wonder of the creator,
the magic of the divine
is there to feel, for all of us,
to soon be yours and mine

Nature – Eva Chopra

I always thought,
What is there in the nature?
Why everyone wants to be in the nature’s lap?
Where is the end of this nature?
Who has made this nature?
When will it destroy?

So one day,
To find solution to these 5 w’s
Went away from pollution,
And found a place,
Behind a
Beautiful, huge, leafy
I spend just 15 minutes
In the green glory
And instead of having my answers with me,
My questions took a new meaning.

Now I thought,
What is not there in this nature?
Why some people doesn’t want to sit in the nature’s lap?
Why one wants to end this nature?
Who is destroying this nature?
Why will it destroy?

गजल : कहिले शुन्य, कहिले हजारमा

कहिले शुन्यमा कहिले हजारमा हुन्छु
कहिले गाँउमा कहिले बजारमा हुन्छु

खै मान्छेहरु मलाई यति महत्व दिन्छन्
कहिले किनारमा कहिले मझधारमा हुन्छु

कोही खाली हात कोही बिस्तरा बनाउँछन्
कहिले निराशामा कहिले उपहारमा हुन्छु


न रिसाउँछन् मसँग न माया गर्न सक्छन
कहिले आक्रोशमा कहिले स्विकारमा हुन्छु

म कसैको होईन तर सबै आफ्नो ठान्छन
कहिले बिछोडमा कहिले प्यारमा हुन्छु ।।



Nature – Kerri King

Nature is beautiful
nature is fun
love it or hate it
nature is something to love
nature is god’s gift to us

Nature we love
wate and feed nature
Nature water’s and feed’s us
god gave us nature
we cant live with out it
nature makes us

i know nature
Nature is beautiful
Nature is about the earth
nature has flower; s and weed’s
weed’s or flower’s nature is us

गजल – मन दुख्दै छ सरकार

मन दुख्दै छ सरकार नजर होस्
आँशु मात्र छ उपहार नजर होस्


हामी लडिराछौं हजुरको ईशारामा
किन हुँदैन जितहार नजर होस्

के अपराध भयो हामीबाट मालिक
लुटिन्छ खुसी बारबार नजर होस्

आउँछन् घाउ हेर्छन् अनि जान्छन्
कोही गर्दैन उपचार नजर होस्

तैयार हामी भएकै हो ज्यान दिन
लुटियो आज घरबार नजर होस् ।।