Husband – Angelica Machado

I never knew what love meant until I met you
Your always there for me
Whenever I need you
You worry so much for me
And I do too
That when we are not together
We miss each other all the way through.

You always comfort me
When I’m sad
You try so hard to make me happy
Even when I’m mad,
I dont know sometimes how you put up with me
I guess thats very nice
To have a wonderfull husband
Always by my side.

Husband – Donna Saphier

Where did you go
When you left that day
Do you know I’m still crying
Do you know I still pray
The last words you said
Were please hold my hand
Then what happened next
I just don’t understand
You just went to sleep
But where did you go
I’ve been crying and waiting
And missing you so
You weren’t ready to go
I remember you said
That it’s gonna be years
Before you were dead
We had plans for our future
We had plans for today
I still can’t believe
That you’ve gone away
I miss you each minute
Of everyday
Are you not allowed back
If I ask and I pray
I’ll forget about my future
I’ll live in the past
And then my dear husband
Forever we’ll last
I love you so much
I would give up my life
Then we’ll always remain
Husband and wife x

A Husband – Christopher Higginson

I’m looking for a husband, you know the sort of chap
The kind of guy who copes with things and never has a flap
The one who fixes cars and bikes and often mows the lawn
Takes the kids on Sunday hikes while I with hammock yawn

I’m looking for a husband, you know the sort of bloke
Who listens to the things I say and laughs out when I joke
He’ll do the Sunday B B Q and carves the Sunday roast
Then gives me a foot massage, that’s the thing I like the most

I’m looking for a husband dependable and true
Who likes to have discussions but never will argue
Can sit in friendly silence, and never has to babble
Will make and pour the tea for me and lets me win at scrabble

I’m looking for a husband; I know they’re pretty rare
The kind who opens doors for me and lets me have his chair
And earns enough at his travail so we’re debt and mortgage free
But doesn’t put his work ahead of caring about me

The husband I am looking for might seem quite rare to you
And friends have tried to tell me that in number they are few
But I have hope of finding one I hope he will be free
‘Cause I’ve been one for forty years, I want one just like me!

The Husband – Leon Gellert

Yes, I have slain, and taken moving life
From bodies. Yea! And laughed upon the taking;
And, having slain, have whetted still the knife
For more and more, and heeded not the making
Of things that I was killing. Such ’twas then!
But now the thirst so hideous has left me.
I live within a coolness, among calm men,
And yet am strange. A something has bereft me
Of a seeing, and strangely love returns;
And old desires half-known, and hanging sorrows.
I seem agaze with wonder. Memory burns.
I see a thousand vague and sad tomorrows.
None sees my sadness. No one understands
How I must touch her hair with bloody hands.

On Sharing A Husband – Ho Xuan Huong

Screw the fate that makes you share a man.
One cuddles under cotton blankets; the other’s cold.

Every now and then, well, maybe or maybe not,
once or twice a month, oh, it’s like nothing.

You try to stick to it like a fly on rice
but the rice is rotten. You slave like the maid,

but without pay. If I had known how it would go
I think I would have lived alone.