Small Sad World – The Black Rose

In a world where anything is possible,
Why are we forsaken to despair,

Hope is there to,
love and life,
yet we focus on the strife,

In our world,
a best friend is the one
whos helped you through so much,
Your with the one you love,
because theyve had it hard,
theyve had it just as tough,

Sadness makes the world go round,
its in our every step,
every breath we take,
we think it may be our last,
these thoughts dragging us
to the end of our days,

Were suppose to have balance,
have a bittersweet way to live,
maybe one day itll happen,
but for now,
screaming hearts,

sadness is our fate…

Sad Love Song – Nichita Stanescu

Only my life will die for me, in truth,
Only the grass knows the taste of the earth.
In truth, only my blood misses
my heart when it leaves.
The air is tall, you are tall,
my sadness is tall.
There comes a time when horses die.
There comes a time when machines grow old.
There comes a time when cold rains fall,
and every woman wears your head-
and clothes.
There also comes a huge white bird
and lays the moon in the sky.

Sad Girls – Uriah Hamilton

Human beings are fragile and need love
In this painful existence that begins with a slap
And often spirals downward into abuse
From the people who should desire to protect us.
Unkindness accumulates at school
And in the workplace,
You lose your original face
Of innocence and joy.

I’ve met sad girls I’ve wanted to kiss,
Rock them in my arms for eternity,
Remove the emotional scars of their history,
But I know, such scars never leave,
They’re deep razorblade-like cuts into the soul.

I haven’t learned yet
If I’m attracted to troubled and tragic girls,
Or if that is the only type of girl
I should expect.

How Sad – Barry Van Allen

Away from me she runs,
and after her I go,
as reminders of the past are found again.

Sometimes it’s worth the walk,
to stroll down memory lane,
but mostly, it is just not worth the pain.

The loves my life has known are not forgotten,
‘nor are the lessons taught to me by those once dear,
I have never known a love that’s just gone rotten,
but, I’ve had many loves just die from simple fear.

So, who’s afraid today?
is it you or is it me?
or… is it both of us,
and both refuse to see?

Within the recent past we’ve known the laughter,
and now you know a slice of me that even I don’t,
and yes, we ask ourselves ‘ Is this what we were after? ‘,
and in the asking, have we doomed the love we’ve known?

It does not grow, so then we know it must be bad,
we have misplaced the love that once we truly had,
in a way we are together going mad,
… Oh! , Dear – – – How sad!

Sad Case – William Cook

again & again
Oh! what a marvellous crime
your love is
& you’re driving me to death now
on the end
of your sharp tongue
& impeccable wit
& I’m drinking myself
normal again
You bitch!
I love you
here I am
crucify me, again. . .

Sad & Suicidal – Brandi Young

It pains me to see you this way
To see you so sad and suicidal
If i could only kiss you
and make your problems fade away

I would.
I would die a thousand times
Before i could ever forget about you
I love you and i won’t find anyone like you!

So why search for someone
When i know they could never
Compare to you!
I’ll only be happy if i’m with you!

I can’t stand
To see you so sad and suicidal
It rips me apart at the seems
and i unravel in front of the whole world

They stared an walked on!
Cause no one cares but you and i!
and it’s only for us to handle!

I cried when i’d seen her sitting there
What a razor in her hand
and tears streaming down her face
She’s so sad and suicidal

I sat up all night holding her in my arms
Singing ‘you are my sunshine’
She has a lot to live for, but she doesn’t care
She’s so sad and suicidal

When she told me i deserve someone better
I told her you are my only love
and that will never change
She’s so sad and suicidal