A Girl – Ezra Pound

The tree has entered my hands,
The sap has ascended my arms,
The tree has grown in my breast –
The branches grow out of me, like arms.

Tree you are,
Moss you are,
You are violets with wind above them.
A child – so high – you are,
And all this is folly to the world.

The Girl Inside – Michelle Guza

the girl inside has a fear,
of what the girl inside holds so dear,
far from reality, but always in dream,
the girl inside is screaming althought it may not seem,
it grows louder and louder everyday,
just wondering why the feeling just wouldnt stay,
the girl inside more then ever wants to run,
just wanting to tell everyone that she is done,
the girl inside feels sick all over,
in her head she feels so drunk,
she just cant seem to shake this phunk,
the girl inside just wants to die,
even when the girl out side wond dare to cry,
the girl inside has a fear,
of what the girl inside holds so dear,
but the girl outside just wont let it near! ! !

African Funeral – Onzia Dan

They have arrived again my friend!
To be with us again
To claim bond of relations with the deceased
As if they were blood bond relatives with the fallen blood
You see, with their crocodile faces and tears they landed
Pretending to be generous.
With their uncircumcised heart and coordinated prayers
They smell what the fallen brother has left.
Look at their leaking mouth
For the visit of death erects their ears.

This poem tells how people go for burial or funeral with their different motives and interests especially in Africa.

The Funeral – Sean Joyce

Weasel words
with easy starts
are not the first
ones to our hearts
when the cold cadaver light of day
takes one of those we love away

After the funeral
– when the funeral was over
– After we had buried him

We walked across the grass
…We walked across the grass
leaving footprints in the dew

footprints in the dew
How was that possible
’God’s name how was that possible

with him forever
And now, forever
footprints forever

looking back across the grass
The warmth of the day
losing us all, forever

A Funeral – Juan Olivarez

I can see all things now.
I can see so many tears.
I can see so much pain, In so many faces.
I can see it all so clearly now.

I can sense the pain,
In the souls passing by.
I can feel hearts breaking,
I can feel so much sorrow, that shouldn’t be.

Please don’t weep, not for me.
I am so much better off now.
Can you believe, I am actually happy.
I can see everything so clearly now.

Look up, see the leaves as they move,
See the clouds as they float by.
Feel the wind on your face,
Taste the rain on your tongue.

It is me.
I still exist.
I will always be with you.
I still exist.