Thanks For Calling – Diana Holinski

Thanks for calling
You’re a gem
That is why
I said ‘je’taime’
Voice of reason
Voice of calm
Voice that acts like
Chaos balm
Landing strip for
All my ‘stuff’
Still wondering when
You’ll say ‘enough! ‘
Never seem to
Lose your cool
Even when I’m
Such a fool
Let me throw
Myself at you
Take Liberties
Without your cue
And when my mind
Flies with the wind
You have your glove out
Trusted friend

Thanks – Widelene Ermat

Thanks for being there
Always being so aware
Thanks for being near when I needed you here
Thanks for staying so close when I needed you the most

Thanks for the love your rain on me like a dove
Always seeming as if you are from right above
Thanks for the times you seem to help me enjoy love

Thanks for being here when I need someone near
Thanks for being there
Also for being so fair

Thanks for saying hi
When they all shouted good-bye
Thanks for giving me the time of day
When all your friends didn’t bother to say hey

Thanks To You – Brie Carter

Thanks to you
I can no longer open up and let my guard down
Thanks to you
I wonderif the next man I meet will be online fooling around
Thanks to you
I question if he will also be looking for the next best thing
Thanks to you
I have no hope in what tomorrow could bring
Thanks to you
I trust no one
Thanks to you
My days are no longer fun
Thanks to you
My tears still fall like rain
Thanks to you
Everyday my heart is in pain
Thanks to you
I obsess about what is so unloveable about me
Thanks to you
I am a prisoner to my oun obsessive thought and you hold the key
Thanks to you
I have picked myslf apart
Thanks to you
I dissected every piece of my heart
Thanks to you
I now reside in an emotional tomb
Thanks to you
Within my heart love will no longer bloom
Thanks to you

Thanks – Catrina Heart

My thankfulness for the sacred text
you have engraved on my obelisk

The hieroglyphics carved means so much
In my journey to the seven seas

You stood to be my beacon on the storm
You stood as a tree seeing my history

Thanks once again for the friendship
Painting my days really worth remembering

Thanks For Remembering Us – Dana Gioia

The flowers sent here by mistake,
signed with a name that no one knew,
are turning bad. What shall we do?
Our neighbor says they’re not for her,
and no one has a birthday near.
We should thank someone for the blunder.
Is one of us having an affair?
At first we laugh, and then we wonder.

The iris was the first to die,
enshrouded in its sickly-sweet
and lingering perfume. The roses
fell one petal at a time,
and now the ferns are turning dry.
The room smells like a funeral,
but there they sit, too much at home,
accusing us of some small crime,
like love forgotten, and we can’t
throw out a gift we’ve never owned.