Baby Doll – Jenna Ellis

My mother gave me a baby doll,
And said it was my own to keep,
But something is wrong with this doll,
Because it ”baahs” like a sheep,
I told my mother what it”s doing,
And she said not to worry,
Then I went back up to my room,
And my baby doll was furry,
I looked at it closely,
And what comes to my surprise,
The baby doll, is not a baby doll no more,
It”s a sheep with kitty eyes.
The next day my dad came home with a doll,
He said it is mine to keep,
Something was wrong with this doll,
It didnt look the same, As all the other dolls I see,
Because it”s cry was pretty lame,
And it had no clothes to wear,
But I put it underneath my bed,
and I still think it”s under there.

My Baby – Shastina McElmurry

my baby is in heaven above.
i knew god will give him lots of love.
god took my baby from me.
i cried a deep blue sea.
he can never be replaced.
the truth might as well be faced.
His name was sox
he looked so cute in his box.
he was my best friend
he was there tell the end
my dog was the night and day of my life.
i still cry in the night
i just need some light.

Baby – Viola Pinkosky

When you were created, I knew I had found it.
The angel face, and beauty all around it.
Your heart is a creation of wonder.
And, how you came to be, I still ponder.

But, Lilly, you are the joy of my day.
A miracle, in each and every way.
With a beautiful light to your eyes,
like your mother’s: stars in the skies.

Like the flower you are named,
may you never be tamed.
Your life is too free.