The First Kiss – Norman Rowland Gale

On Helen’s heart the day were night!
But I may not adventure there:
Here breast is guarded by a right,
And she is true as fair.

And though in happy days her eyes
The glow within mine own could please,
She’s purer than the babe who cries
For empire on her knees.

Her love is for her lord and child,
And unto them belongs her snow;
But none can rob me of her wild
Young kiss of long ago!

Your Kiss – Lora Seger

Your kiss, so sweet, so tender.
Your kiss that makes my heart swell.
Your kiss that drives me into unknown passion.
Your kiss that makes my stomach flutter.
Your kiss that makes me know I’m loved by you.
Your kiss that is unhesitant to be bestowed upon me.
Your kiss that sends me into a poetic bliss.

A Kiss – Samantha Williams

A kiss, simple though it seems!
A kiss, it is the stuff of dreams!
A kiss, contains the beauty of the world!
A kiss, can break the heart of this girl!
A kiss, is like an angel from above!
A kiss, can show all of my love!
A kiss, when it’s from him is heaven!
A kiss, is that how it all begins?
A kiss, nothing could be more true!
A kiss, is perfect coming from you!

Death Of A Marriage – C.J. Heck

I’ve given it my best.
The years frown back
from the mirror
to show me just how long,
until at last
I have to concede finality.
It’s over,
and I was the last
to know.

In spite of the realization,
it still hurts.
I’m told feelings are
hardest to let go of,
I suppose because
we’ve worn them
for so long.

Yet everyone knows
nothing is all bad.

The good was good,
but when the bad stretches
arrive more often,
stay longer
and hurt twice as much,
I finally see
the only time I’m happy
is when I’m alone.

The bad overshadows
anything good
and I see things
for what they really are.

Today, I stood in the yard
with my arms outstretched.
I had to see if he began
where my fingers ended,
– the way he used to,
but there was nothing there,
only air.

Then I checked my arms.
There must be needle tracks …
hell, he was like
an addiction,
but there were none.

When did the wrongs become
a way of life?
Apologies can no longer reboot trust
and there’s no going back.
In sad resignation
I’ve discovered I’m out of
last chances to give.

Feelings truly are
the hardest to let go of
and it really is
because we have a past,
and I ache knowing
there can be no future.

Nonetheless, I hate losing.
I loathe having failed at something
I’ve poured so much of me into
for so long …
but you just know,
and there in the
midst of the knowing
lies the death of a marriage.

Marriage – Mathilde Blind

LOVE springs as lightly from the human heart
As springs the lovely rose upon the brier,
Which turns the common hedge to floral fire,
As Love wings Time with rosy-feathered dart.
But marriage is the subtlest work of art
Of all the arts which lift the spirit higher;
The incarnation of the heart’s desire–
Which masters Time–set on Man’s will apart.

The Many try, but oh! how few are they
To whom that finest of the arts is given
Which shall teach Love, the rosy runaway,
To bide from bridal Morn to brooding Even.
Yet this–this only–is the narrow way
By which, while yet on earth, we enter heaven.

Marriage – Ravi Sathasivam

Marriage is a fulfillment of dreams
It is an oath of life between two loving partners
It is the most beautiful thing that can happen in your life
It is a feeling to be cherished, nurtured and care for
It is promise today for tomorrow together
It is bond to hold each other when love bloom
It is caring each other life time
It is an understanding between two hearts
It is willingness to step forward without being afraid
It is sharing, forgiving and compassion
It is mysterious but ask you to share the secrets
Trust each other and the journey of marriage will lead
in to a great love forever.